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Online Accounting Software in Pakistan

Experience the # 1 online accounting software in Pakistan that is successfully used in small, medium and large enterprises.

Accounting Software

Accounting Software
Accounting Software

Online Accounting Software that is highly functional and easy to use

  • Our accounting software has an interconnected system that intertwines all the heads of accounts. It auto links your sales to receivables, purchases to payables, and keeps adjusting inventory and cash (on-hand and at-bank). The system supports a multi-unit system where multiple users can handle software having access to specific areas as the admin assigns roles to users as he deems necessary.
  • This software is accountant friendly and helps accountants to smartly record and manage financial transactions. The system keeps the data safe and secure as long as you want.
  • It is accessible from any device whether you are using the software on a desktop, tablet or phone. It is easy now to manage your finances from anywhere and anytime. It is feature-rich accounting software.

Inventory Management System

Manage Inventory

Trade takes place with the exchange of products. It may be online or in a traditional form but one is much focused on managing multiple products. This management of products is said to be inventory management. 

What if you get a system that can professionally manage your inventory and keep track of its purchase and sales. This accounting system is designed to help you manage your inventory of what got in and out.

Manage Suppliers

Whatever product you are manufacturing you keep in contact with many suppliers who provide you supplies or material. It is necessary to record your dealings with suppliers in terms of both material and money. 

Our accounting software functionally manages all the suppliers you are dealing with. You may input all the data of your suppliers individually and check their current status by applying the given filters in the system.

Manage Customers

Your customers are the backbone of your company’s strength and how to smartly manage them is basically an art. The saved data of your customers helps you to make core decisions about business and marketing.

It is now easy to record your customers, their preferences and trends through our accounting software. You can keep a record of your customers’ actions that what they usually buy so you can re-target them accordingly.

Stock Transfers

Stock transfer is basically a branch accounting management concept where the head office purchases and sends raw or finished goods to its branch or branches.

As the transactions between head office and branches require complex accounting, Webnet Accounting Software serves this requirement and plays an effective role in managing and maintaining their accounts.

Manage pricings

In connection with products, the prices need to be effectively managed because buying and selling of products are recorded through their variety of prices like cost price and selling price. 

Through this accounting software, you can easily manage the pricing of your variety of products. The system reads the product pricing and makes calculations accordingly and accurately. 

Accounts Management

Chart of Accounts

This accounting software maintains a comprehensive chart of accounts spanning assets, liabilities, expenses, revenues and equities. It also maintains proper statements like profit and loss statements, statements of financial position, statements of cash flows, etc. It creates ease for the user who can quickly overview what’s going on and can mould his decision of what to do next.

Income & expenses

In the statement of profit or loss, all the income and expenses are accurately recorded in our online accounting system. It covers up total net sales, net operating income, interest income and all the flows coming in and then the income is adjusted by all the expenses which a company does over a period of time. It deduces tax and shows a net earning which is finally proceeded to the balance sheet.

Assets, Liabilities & Equities

This accounting software records all the assets and liabilities and prepares a proper statement of financial position. This statement shows the financial status of the company in one go. It helps to analyze and forecast the trends that how progressive the company can perform in coming years.


Complete Cash Flows Management

Finance is the lifeblood for every company, it’s recording is mandatory in all respects for the good growth of the company and its finances. All the sales and purchases are recorded in our software to check the actual “cash flows” of the company and to set the companies’ financial statements.


Whatever you purchase from your vendors can be in cash or credit, these transactions need to be recorded, considering other expenses as well, to take out the actual cost of the product. You may easily record these transactions through this software no matter how many vendors you have. It notifies you about the payable status so your flow works timely.


Recording of sales is necessary to calculate the profit. This accounting software allows you to manage your sales accurately by inputting all the customer data. It also records and notifies about your receivables and reduces the possibility of missing bed debts collection. Your company’s strength is based on the good frequency of sales so it must be properly recorded.

Advanced Reporting System

The core factor of any software is reporting that gives a complete overview of what is done in a selected period of time. Similarly, this accounting software also generates reports of all the accounts like Accounts ledgers, Profit and Loss report, Purchase and Sales report, Tax report, Suppliers and Customers report, Stocks and Stock Adjustments report, Trending products report, Product Purchase and Sales report, Purchase and Sale Payment report, customer Outstanding report, Collection report, etc.

Complete Business Settings

Business Settings

Business Settings

It is the management handling part of this accounting software where the admin sets basics like company name, email address, currency, financial month, default profit percent. It is also the main hub for linking all the accounts like Equity, Assets, Liabilities, Expenses, Revenues, Customers, Suppliers, Customer Advance, Bank cash, profit and loss account, sales (local and Export sales), Purchases (Local and Export Purchases), etc.

Tax rates

Tax rates

In this accounting software, you can set multiple tax rates like Sales Tax, Value Added Tax (VAT), Central Goods and Services Tax (CGST), State Goods and Services Tax (SGST), etc. You can also create combinations of multiple taxes using this software. It makes the taxation process simple.


Complete Business Settings


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