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Human resource management which levels up companies

Human resource management which levels up companies
Human resource management which levels up companies

Key solutions for “employees’ management” to run the business profitably with our “Projecto Plan” Software

It’s not yet difficult enough to do HRM (Human Resource Management) in your company. Eliminating a lot of paperwork and confusion in handling employees’ undertakings, our dedicated team has found a solution to your problem and developed a software “Projecto Plan” to give you ease in managing employees effectively.

Your employees are crucial assets for your business and you need to manage them smartly for its growth. When you run employees effectively, you actually run the business profitably.

Our Projecto Plan Software gives you a complete grip on managing employees' undertakings. It spans from recruitment, selection, hiring, attendance tracking, project management, employees’ performance evaluation, promotion, employees’ payroll, and finally, to layoff.


Few problems of HRM that we simply solve

Our Projecto Plan software itself is a complete Human Resource Management Department that keeps a good check and balance on your employees' performance and helps you to retain a talented employee.


Inaccurate calculations lead to losses and losses lead to a firm’s termination. Our Projecto Plan Software brings an efficient PMS (Project Management System) that correctly calculates the employee’s time spent on a particular project and task. In this way, the system helps you to have good performance appraisals of each and every employee. Using the system, talented and efficient employees will get benefits, remain loyal to the firm, and boost up your business.


Employees’ past records suggest whether to promote or demote someone. Projecto Plan software do a good record-keeping on an individual employee basis. Large files and data can be stored in it. It maintains an online attendance tracking system with a timer that records the extra hours worked. It also manages the leave with balanced hours and creates a profile of every employee for a good evaluation and analysis of performance.


Lower employees hesitate to take their issues to upper management and these problems then take a shape of disputes. Our Projecto Plan software solves these issues and maintains a discipline record. It gives access to every employee to insert their issues in a software specified page, so the upper management will take quick notice, and your firm will move forward without conflicts.


Our Projecto Plan software allocates remunerations according to the designation of a particular employee, distributes salaries online at specified dates, decides to whom the benefits or perks should be given, and plans about employees’ promotions through past records analysis. Actually, it lowers the burden of HRM, minimizes human errors, and puts the right person in the right place.


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