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Experience unique features of ready-made website template

Experience unique features of ready-made website template
Experience unique features of ready-made website template

We have unique features of ready-made website theme that Impress your web visitors and give them lasting effects

Is your website capable to impress your audience and represent your brand effectively? Does it include all the necessary and modern web page development and technological tools? Is it able to provide a way to leave a lasting impression for your audience? User engagement cannot be taken as granted for any kind of business.

Webnet, being a Fast template-based website provider, is offering you a unique blend of splendid readymade theme based websites services at affordable prices.

We support you at each step of your business while providing theme based ready-made website services. Just rely on our brilliant team of template-based website providers, with exceptional experience in web development to raise your brand, partnerships, and anything that you want for your business.

What Webnet’s theme is offering to you?

  • Storefront
  • Store management
  • SEO and Marketing
  • Products
  • Web hosting
  • Analytics.
  • 24/7 support


5+ Professional themes

We offer you the themes by well-known professional designers. You will love your website look for your store.

Full Blogging platform

Publish your articles and blogs, raise discussion and put comments on your blogging platform.

Built-in Mobile Ecommerce

Get a built-in Ecommerce store by using our ready-made website services. So, your customers can easily browse and purchase from your online store by using any mobile or Tablet.

Ever ready team of experts

Our expert team is always ready to help you to modify and customize your store from scratch.

Web-based website builder

We will offer you the facility of hosting your whole website on our ecommerce store.

Store Management

Customer Profiles

Webnet will help you to find more about the shipping habits of your customers by finding their order history and contact information just at a glance.

Customer groups

Classify the customer list and export it on the bases of location, buying history by using our CMS store.


Let you refund some amount of your order or whole payment. A record list of your payment history will be automatically updated.

Email Templates

We will provide you the ways of customizing your email template according to your own needs and requirements.

Fulfillment centers

Our website supports you to connect to any fulfillment solution like Amazon, Ship wire and Rakuten Super Logistics.

Marketing and SEO

Search engine optimized

We maintain SEO best practices by which your store will be ranked high on the search engine and customers can easily and quickly reach you.


Boost your customer loyalty and sales by generating high discount codes and promotions from our administration.

Email marketing

To inform your customers about new products and upcoming sales, we will provide you highly targeted email marketing services.

Product reviews

Increase your sales by engaging your customers on your website to give reviews about your products.

Shopping cart

Multiple Languages

We will provide you a CMS for your store with multiple languages and you can modify your store with the theme which is according to your needs.

Offer free shipping

We will provide you free shipping methods by which you can increase the average size of your order.

100 payment gateways

We offer you a store which will be suitable for all type of payment gateways like Bitcoin, PayPal, and IDEAL around the world.

Flexible shipping rates

You will be provided a facility to set up your shipping rates based on weight, location, and fixed prices, etc.


Inventory Management

Manage your whole record lists with Webnet’s readymade services. When recordings will run out, your store can stop selling products automatically by tracking the amounts of the store

Digital Products

We will offer your customers the facility to directly download digital products from your online store.


Using CSV files, you can import/export your products.

SEO Product tabs

Webnet theme-based website services will optimize your all product pages by using products related Meta tags, Meta titles as well as with URL handle.

Web Hosting

Email forwarding

We will create an email address for you like when you buy any domain with our website.

Instant Upgrades

Get updated with our latest features immediately, by using our website without any difficulty.

1 GB Bandwidth

We will provide you 1 GB bandwidth to send customers and traffic to your website.

24/7 Monitoring

Stop worrying about breaking of website. We are always available to help you services 24/7.



To rightly use and maintain your sales, traffic, and orders of your business, we will provide you an actionable dashboard.

Google Analytics

To track your visitors, sales, and transfers, we provide Google analytics methods for your online store.

Product Reports

Get a vision and analyze the growth of your store. Find out which products are mostly selling and which are not.

Traffic/Referrals Report

We support you to analyze that form where your customers and traffic are coming and what kind of traffic is best for your products.

Mobile App

Order Fulfillment

By using our mobile applications, fulfill orders and capture payments directly from your mobile.

Mobile Dashboard

Our quick responding dashboard will help you to track new trends in the business and see the specific products which you want.

Email or call customers

Our mobile apps will let you see customer’s profiles and support you to reach your customers through email.

Manage Inventory

To manage your whole inventory including price changing and taking a photo of products etc. all can be done by just using your mobile phone.

24/7 Support

Dedicated Support team

A support team of Webnet is ready to help you 24 hours a day on phone calls, email or live chat, etc.

Webnet Help center

Take any kind of help, user guide, commonly asked questions on our Help Center.

Webnet Experts

Make your online store highly successful by working in the guidance of our expert team of ecommerce designers, marketers and developers.


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