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We integrate your Applications with Web Services

We integrate your Applications with Web Services
We integrate your Applications with Web Services
What is Web Application?

A Web Application Development Company with over decade of experience in building Large Sofwares for Web.

You are looking for a Web Application - A professional team of web developers and UI/UX designers to build your software for an internet browser to be available on the internet remotely or locally. The web application must be hosted on a great host to provide excellent performance for users using the software on a browser. 

Building a web application is easy, but creating an application software for the web that is secured and has high performance on the browser is the main thing. Secondly, the user experience has to be great and easy to use for your users; otherwise, the training cost can a cost that comes with building a web application. 



It is illogical to get your web software to be developed on a one-size-fits-all basis because the nature of the businesses and their goals vary, so their way of presentation should also vary. The web application has to be custom-built to bring your business out of the cluster and bring you a competitive edge in managing your operation efficiently.

Web Application VS Website

Website is the Graphical USER Interface (GUI) for your user to interact on the browser. Web Application software runs behind your website to manage your websites and operations depending on your needed features. 

A great example of web application is Wordpress. WordPress is a web Software that helps you manage your website. We call it a Content management system (CMS)


Custom websites bring the “Wow” effect when these are compared with other off-the-shelf websites developed through common platforms like WordPress, Drupal, etc.


Not only is the front-end system developed on a custom basis, but Webnet also develops the custom back-end system (Web Application) of the website, making it user-friendly and satisfying the clients’ desires. We guarantee 100% custom websites as we have developed hundreds of other websites like HRSI, Changhong Ruba, CERP, The Grocers, etc.


High Responsiveness

"What if it is mobile, computer, or laptop, I just need my website to be displayed on every device". Commonly, these are the demands of the clients who need a website to be shown on every sized screen. No worries, Webnet develops custom websites that are highly responsive and accurately appear on every screen.

High Responsiveness
Traffic-targeting Traffic-targeting


As custom websites are integrated with social sharing sites, they target massive traffic and bring more visitors. These websites are SEO-friendly and directly integrated with Google Analytics to show timely progress.

Easy to maintain

Custom websites are certainly easy to manage and maintain. As it is a valuable asset to the company, our clients keep their websites maintain through our custom back-end system and even ask for web maintenance service from us.

Webnet keeps its website up to date on development, content, and ranking point of view to give complete satisfaction to its clients.

Easy to maintain

How custom Software's are problem-solving?

Simple back-end system

Everything requires to be handled and managed from the back of the curtain, as you see any flourishing business, you admire but it is the outcome of the regular back-end system in which hundreds of employees are involved.

Similarly, the website and its functioning are also managed and maintained through an efficient back-end system that is called the Content Management System (CMS).

Webnet develops the custom CMS that is a tailor-made system that suits the clients’ understanding so they can manage the website efficiently & effectively.

Protects web-investments

Money is what you earn through struggles and website making is a one-shot investment that also represents your business credibility. So why people go for those choices that are not desirable to the business in the long run?

Custom website development is a guard against losses that protects your investments on web developments and brings you good returns. Because web-visitors surf various websites, as they find any design-centric website they also visit other pages and turn in to customers.

It is truly said, “Custom website is a smart source of business earning”.

Secured and hacking-proof website

Custom websites are also protected and secured from hackers’ attacks. These websites are developed through unique and custom plugins that are different from those of WordPress and other common web development platforms.

Cyber thieves can never attack your custom hacking-proof website for it gives an extra shield to your websites by shifting your data-sensitive public page into sub-sites.

Built on “as-your-wish” basis

You love to get your wishes satisfied and to wonder everything would work as you think. Sometimes it requires you to go off-track. So what, go!

Custom website development is the same described immediately above. It is developed “as-your-wish” basis. If you are design-centric it’s ok. Our developers do calculations for every object while developing your website and strive to present you as you wish.

Decreases bounce rate

The custom website reduces the possibility that a web visitor would leave immediately as he opens up a page. Instead, these websites even induce visitors to click other pages and read the content.

Custom websites also increase the value of any content and make visitors read it as it displays the content in a way like a shining crystal in a ring.

So, it helps to decrease the websites’ bounce rate to the toe.

Counters web slowness issue

If your internet is slow, it’s not a problem. Custom websites are efficient enough to load website pages faster. Website slowness is one of the core issues that visitors face with off-the-shelf websites but the custom websites solve this problem and make visitors-experience great.

Slow websites lead to a decrease in web traffic and customers. it also comes across the businesses’ goal of higher profitability.  But the custom websites counter web slowness issues and promise to bring faster experience.


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