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It Is Time To Say Goodbye To The Tangled Wiring That Always Caused Frustration Because Here Comes Another Invention That Is The 2.4 G Wireless Mouse. The Mouse Is Accompanied With Nano Usb Receiver. It Comprises Of Single Aa Cell And Has Good Longevity.

2.4 G Wireless Mouse Has A Delicate And Soft Touch On The Top And Has A Rubber Pad To The Left. It Comprises Of A Scroll Wheel That Produces A Light Click Sound. There Is A Red Led That Display Dpi Settings. Moreover, There Is An Option To Adjust The Polling Time From The Standard 250hz  To 125hz. That Feature Is Useful For Gamers As They Only Have To Hold The Right Button And Scroll The Wheel Down. After This, The Dpi Button Flashes To Indicate The Rate Selected.

Wireless Mouse Is Very Convenient To Use As It Is Light In Weight And Portable. It Is Very Beneficial While Performing Presentations As Presenter Can Go Smoothly Without Handling The Wires That Are Associated With The Mouse. The Idea Behind Introducing A Wireless Mouse Is To Add More Convenience To Life And Provide More Advantages To Gamers. You Can Sit Anywhere And Use The Mouse Which Is Not Possible With Traditional Mouse.

The Issue That Arises While Using This Mouse Is That Due To Its Symmetry It Is Not Ideal For Left Handed Users. It Comes In Smaller Sizes But Works Great For Desktops. It Has Improved Quality And Great Features. Wireless Mouse Is Easily Available At Markets. So If You Want To Get Rid Of Wire Clusters, Then You Should Definitely Go For 2.4 G Wireless Mouse.

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