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Online Store Builder In Pakistan

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Online Store Builder

Online Store Builder
Online Store Builder

Ecommerce Store, Online Store builder, Ecommerce CMS

Best ecommerce platform in Pakistan. Create an amazing online store that looks different from your competitor. Build one of the top ecommerce stores to help you create your own online store to display your product to your customer and engage them in various ways to achieve your goals for sales.

Ecommerce Store, Online Store builder, Ecommerce CMS

We help you grow online by creating your online store on the most powerful featured complete ecommerce store or complete ecommerce CMS that displays how you can effectively & efficiently manage your e-business website. It offers a fully functional, customized, fast, secured, and responsive ecommerce store that is well-integrated manner.

commerce websites with one of the top Ecommerce CMS that helps you manage your website easily with not much effort and solves multiple problems that you face while managing the ecommerce back-end of your ecommerce website. It also solves your customers’ or website users’ problems as it offers a non-technical front-end & back-end operational system. We just aimed to bring something unique & simple that even a lame user can easily operate.

Best ecommerce stores in Pakistan that we have created:

Ecommerce Store in Pakistan

We have built top online shopping stores in Pakistan. All our top ecommerce stores are successfully running a huge business. After building a great online shopping ecommerce, we provide free training sessions to our prospective clients in Karachi, Pakistan who want to purchase a hassle-free ecommerce store. We build you a great online store that has everything you need to grow your business online.

We train you in all respects to have complete knowledge of using your Ecommerce Store. After having this training session, you will be able to handle the administrative roles. We also guide you in managing users, customers, products & brands, orders, suppliers, and even the on-page SEO part of the website.

Online store Packages in Pakistan

Quick Plan Theme Based Plan Custom Based Plan
Web Development Cost PKR 20,000 PKR 70,000 PKR 200,000+
Monthly license Fees PKR 4,000 PKR 4,000 PKR 5,000
Products Uploading 10 Products 50 Products 150 Products
Extra Products' Uploading Cost Rs.150 Each Rs.150 Each Rs.150 Each
Web Maintenance Check Check Check
Payment Gateway Integration Check Check Check
All Screens Responsive Check Check Check
Fast and Secure website Check Check Check
Web Back-end will be given Check Check Check
Quick Plan
Web Development Cost PKR 20,000
Monthly license Fees PKR 4,000
Products Uploading 10 Products
Extra Products' Uploading Cost Rs.150 Each
Web Maintenance Check
Payment Gateway Integration Check
All Screens Responsive Check
Fast and Secure website Check
Web Back-end will be given Check
Theme Based Plan
Web Development Cost PKR 70,000
Monthly license Fees PKR 4,000
Products Uploading 50 Products
Extra Products' Uploading Cost Rs.150 Each
Web Maintenance Check
Payment Gateway Integration Check
All Screens Responsive Check
Fast and Secure website Check
Web Back-end will be given Check
Custom Based Plan
Web Development Cost PKR 200,000+
Monthly license Fees PKR 5,000
Products Uploading 150 Products
Extra Products' Uploading Cost Rs.150 Each
Web Maintenance Check
Payment Gateway Integration Check
All Screens Responsive Check
Fast and Secure website Check
Web Back-end will be given Check

Dashboard Management Of Online Store

The dashboard is a central page that accumulates all the activities happening on your website. As it is integrated with the entire system, it shows all the periodic undertakings on a numerical, statistical, and analytical basis. It gives you a bird-eye-view to look at everything at one glance.
  • It numerically shows total orders, total customers, total products, and total brands on a daily, weekly, and yearly basis to help you make pre-arrangements.
  • It shows live active users on a website and even draws statistical graphs to let you know how many visitors arrive at your website per day and from which part of the World.
  • It graphically points out the ups and downs of the website views & visits to let you
  • analyze the customers’ visiting and buying trends.
  • It also displays the number of daily sessions customers have made.
  • The dashboard helps the admin in decision-making for a better and more profitable future for his e-business.

Users’ Management Of Online Store

Users are employees who actually manage the whole process of the website. Our back-end system helps admin to properly organize all the users and lists out their names with email addresses, phone numbers, personal images, and assigned roles.

User creation

Here the admin can easily create a new user(s) with the defined roles and responsibilities. The admin of the ecommerce website can even keep a critical eye on every action and activity the users do and can analyze their performance with past working records.

Desired delegation of authority

As our ecommerce store has all the custom functions, the admin can take full advantage of this feature. While assigning roles to the users, he can give access to whom he wants and how much he wants by just simply clicking the tick-box.

As our ecommerce store has all the custom functions, the admin can take full advantage of this feature. While assigning roles to the users, he can give access to whom he wants and how much he wants by just simply clicking the tick-box.

Users’ interpersonal communication

It is a well-coordinated system that lets employees communicate with each other online regarding orders, customers, inventories, etc. to mitigate the miscommunication factor.

It connects the whole team online to work smartly and productively. Here the employees can update the status of any customer by just clicking on completed, pending, partial, hold, or canceled options to let other employees know what action to take.

Management Of 10,000+ Products

Products handling is not a big deal now whether you have unlimited products. The ecommerce CMS offers you not only products’ management but also brand management where we set great layouts and custom theme-based banners for each and every brand, separately.

Excel sheet integration for a vast inventory

Now you can import and export the Excel sheet for making greater changes by selection. The Excel sheet integration in the ecommerce store for managing vast inventories has changed the spectrum of ecommerce and made it so simple.

You can make price changes by selecting all or segment-wise changes. You can easily make volume change, inflationary change, and overall change without any problem of miss-calculations and under or over-estimation of products’ prices.

You can also manage your stocks over the Excel sheet to make further decisions to go for suppliers or run with current stock on a first-in-first-out basis.

Custom categorization & product’ catalog

As you can handle 10,000 plus products, you can also categorize and sub-categorize products as much as you want. The system lets you make custom separation and custom organization of vast products.

Letting your customers make buying decisions, you can incorporate the products’ catalog describing the specification and prices of each and every product separately with products’ images.

Products attribute management

While incorporating a product catalog, you can manage the tangible and intangible product attributes with ease. Products’ tangible attributes are: size, weight, color, quantity, etc. and products’ intangible attributes are: quality, price, beauty, etc.

Here you can easily track your inventory as the system generates numerical identifications of products in the Stock Keeping Unit (SKU). The admin can self-manage it as our ecommerce CMS is user-friendly which anyone can operate.

Watermark on products’ images

Don’t lose your efforts and money spent on photography, the system counters the content stealer from grabbing images and brings you watermark images that no one can use further for their benefit.

Watermark images also have greater significance when posted and seen in a gallery which increases the brand outlook and highlights the importance of the product(s).

Orders’ Management Of Online Store

Orders are the placement of customers’ needs over your website but its the efficiency of the system how smartly it can handle thousands of orders. Our ecommerce CMS helps the admin to easily manage multiple orders at a time. He remains updated for every single order status whether the order is pending, partially completed or completed. The system also self-generate the orders’ number for each and every customer on a date in which the order has been placed.

Quick buy integration

Our system offers a quick buy or one-click buy option. It is for the enhancement of User-Interface and facilitation of your end customers who don’t need to hover around different pages and face difficulties to purchase a product. It lets your customers just make a single click and buy.

Abandoned cart recovery

It’s an impactful feature integrated into our system that you can remind your customers via email to buy.

If for any reason the customers’ selected items on a cart delete, the user can retrieve and send the filled cart to the customer to make him buy again.

Custom order placement

If your lame customers are facing any problem in making orders online, so they can even place orders over call, message, or WhatsApp.

The user can create custom orders after receiving calls or messages from customers.

This feature further connects customers with the website and gives them a greater buying experience that benefits your e-business.

Online Re-order system

If you want to induce customers to buy again, the system can send them a notification via email that includes the previously filled cart.

Your customers can also make products addition and deduction or quantity addition and deduction in the cart you sent to them.

It’s a strategy of mind-making of your buyers and retaining your old customers because your old customers benefit you more.

Customers’ Management Of Online Store

The ecommerce back-end system self generates customers’ list with the customers’ names, email addresses, and phone numbers. It also shows how many orders an individual customer has placed and how much he has spent on purchasing. The system lets you easily manage your customers and have one glance to know what’s going on.

Reviews and rating system

  • Our custom ecommerce back-end system offers a great way to enforce reviews and ratings on your product and services.
  • If a customer does not give ratings or write reviews, you can send and notify through email to ask him to give reviews and ratings.
  • It is a great source of engaging your old customers and target new customers.
  • Once a new visitor arrives at your website and looks at ratings and reviews, he gets really impressed

It’s a newly introduced feature in Pakistan that can elevate your sales as has succeeded through this feature.

Strategic Marketing Management

Our back-end system allows you to do self digital marketing of your ecommerce website. You can easily do on-page optimization as everything related to on-page optimization is integrated into the back-end system. You can self-host your website anywhere you want without restriction. You can also do customized SEO and social sharing of your website.

Push notification system

For attraction building and customer engagement, we have incorporated a feature of push notification that you can manage easily to send your desired & sales-generating notification to the customers’ side-screen.

  • You can self-aware trendy products by sending push notification and your customers can see whether they are not on your website.
  • It’s a big source of marketing of any product or to arise customers’ desires for any of the products.
  • It is a key function to drive huge traffic on your website.
  • You can also gain customers’ trust by sending them their needing products’ notifications.

Top searches placement

The back-end system of our ecommerce store is also integrated with “Google Analytics”. It has a separate box that shows the top searches which the website visitors clicked.

  • The integration of Google Analytics lets you serve better and work more on the specified product(s) that have been searched more by the visitors.
  • It points out the shopping behavior of your customers.
  • It helps you in doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • With our system, you can have a complete overview of a search engine so you will be able to reduce bounce rate and increase web traffic through constant SEO, or you can also ask us to do custom SEO for your website.

Integration of automatic sitemap generator

You can do on-page optimization by adding new pages to your website, you neither need to take help from web developers to do additional codings, nor you have to go for SEO specialists to get the new page crawled by Google.
There is a smart integration of an automatic sitemap generator that automatically adds your pages to the sitemap and lets Google crawl those pages. As Google crawls your pages and you do SEO on multiple keywords, your keywords appear on a top ranking of Google search engine.

It’s an effortless way to get your multiple pages developed and crawled by Google.

Social sharing with open graph tags

Sharing your website on social sites is now easy and more productive with our ecommerce store that accurately shares the description and images you post.

  • It enhances the outlook of your page(s) you want to share.
  • As you post your page, it goes with proper images and descriptions to catch the eyes of social media users.
  • It helps to increase the traffic on your website and decreases the bounce rate.

Customized SEO with link canonical tags

If you don’t even know about SEO then even you can at least perform on-page SEO. As our ecommerce store is user-friendly, it helps you to self-manage SEO.

You don’t have to purchase canonical link tags, it is already integrated into the system. It protects you from content duplication issue, as you open a canonical link option, it tells Google that you own the content.

Pages Management Of Online Store

Give a new look to your website every time and create all the pages differently through our page management system. It’s a component-based pages creation system that becomes appealing to your website visitors and the page also becomes worthy in Google’s eye.

Ecommerce Pages Creation

When you start creating a page, you have multiple icons that are actually the components of the pages. By clicking one of the icons there will be an advanced level component or say a piece of website page that is shown on a front-end.

In these sections or components, the editor or admin can place the content according to our custom designs with the proper editor having all the functions. You can self create the pages as per your desire.

Component-Based Website Page

The website page is a set of components. The selection of two or more components makes the website page. Our custom ecommerce CMS has multiple options for the user to change the placement of the component, hide the component from the front-end, or delete the component.

Moreover, the single component is further divided into sub-sections according to the styling with the image of how it will be shown on the front-end. Each component is well-designed and highly functional that gives user numbers of options like putting back-ground images, padding, text-shadow, products’ filters, etc.

On-Page SEO Features in online store

While creating the page, the user can also have options of doing on-page ecommerce SEO to get the page aware on Google search engine as our ecommerce CMS is integrated with SEO features where the user can add meta tags, twitter tags, open graph image, link canonicals, script code, and even the admin can direct pages on the separate sitemap under the subordination of the parent page category.

Page Logs

For the security purpose and for keeping the record of who actually made the changes in the page(s), our ecommerce CMS has a unique feature of “Page Logs” that keeps the history of a user that when and how many times he has made changes in the page(s). Here the admin can also restore the changes if he wants.


  • Webnet dreamed to develop a single platform of all the unique ecommerce features for effortless management, and it has taken out all the things from imagination to put those in front of our clients to let them have greater experience in managing your website Backend / Admin Panel.
  • The best part we can also customize functions accordingly to your needs and demands.


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