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What is an XML SITEMAPS?

What is an XML SITEMAPS?

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A sitemap is an essential file that every website should have. It provides a complete list of all the pages, media files, and other important elements of a website. Without a sitemap, search engines may struggle to index your site effectively, and visitors may have difficulty finding the content they need. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that your website has a sitemap that is up-to-date and accurate.

In the past, sitemaps were commonly used by organizations, users, and third-party entities to locate a specific page on a website. It was typically considered a mandatory page for many government organizations to include in their website footer. Today, having a sitemap is not mandatory but is highly recommended for the sake of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

A sitemap is essentially a text file, but in XML (Extensible Markup Language) format. It helps search engine crawlers understand the structure and organization of a website's content, making it easier for them to crawl and index the site.

The importance of sitemap in SEO

The question we need to answer is, why should we use a sitemap? In general terms, having a sitemap makes it easier for web crawlers to find your website pages. Let's take an example to understand why sitemaps are important. 

Suppose your website has five pages, and all of them are linked to the homepage. When the crawler visits your website, it will crawl through the pages. But, if your pages are not internally linked correctly, then the crawler will not update them until Google can find them. 

A sitemap serves as a valuable tool because it tells the crawler which pages are new and updated, prompting it to crawl again. If the crawler doesn't find traffic on your website, it will not revisit your page. 

It's worth noting that Google favors websites with updated content. Keeping your website up-to-date with the latest happenings is also beneficial for SEO.


  • NEWS Sitemaps: NEWS sitemaps have all the URLs for the news on your website
  • Video Sitemaps: Video sitemaps have all the URLs for the video on your website.
  • Images Sitemaps: Images sitemaps have all the URLs for the images on your website.

Why are Multiple Sitemaps important?

Webnet Pakistan has been studying the importance of multiple sitemaps for the past two years. These sitemaps can impact how crawlers view your website and find valuable information. Before discussing the benefits of multiple sitemaps, can you tell me which page is considered the most important by crawlers?

Yes, you guessed it right; it is a homepage

We asked you about multiple sitemaps because they help the crawler understand the structure of your website. For instance, if you have many services, you may want each service to be an essential part of your website. However, the crawler may prioritize your services page over other subpages, which is not ideal. 

Creating and managing multiple sitemaps can be complicated and requires experts' help. Free sitemap generation tools may not generate perfect sitemaps. Large companies like Samsung and Google use multiple sitemaps to target different regions from the same website. You can check the Samsung website sitemap to understand how various sitemaps work.

It is essential to educate yourself on topics like how to submit your website to Google. The search console tool can help you see if Google crawls your website correctly and identify errors like indexed but not submitted pages or duplicate content URLs. We hope that everyone can have control of their website and understand if their digital marketing agency is doing an excellent job.

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