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Building a Strong Web Presence with Simple Steps

Building a Strong Web Presence with Simple Steps

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In this era of competition, 97% of your customers, vendors, etc search for businesses online to know more about the company accordingly to google. Even the existence of google map for directions is located from contact us page. Small or medium enterprises (SME'S) need to have a website presence is a necessity.

Problem is that now website actually identify the value of a company because a well design website shows the credibility. If it is not now, but the perception will change in next few years. In those times, when you want to have a good website it will be costing over USD 3000 for a simple website. The demand and the need will go high and companies will have enough work to provide you with a quotation that does not meet your budget.

A simple and basic website is effective if it contains all the information an individual might ask for. If a website is containing all the fundamental information according to customers’ need, then such a website is successful. But it needs to be optimized on all devices (Responsive Website Design) and the website design needs to be good.

A good online presence reveals what your services are. It helps to grab customers’ attention thus bringing more customers. It increases sales thus contributing to the growth of a business.

Web design is the overall look of the site. It is the responsibility of a web designer to make the website appealing and striking. It is not a one man show to actually create a great website. A freelancer can be a designer but not a good developer. Website often get hack because the company does not have expertise / experience from their previous clients. Website that gets hack is usually having traffic. If your website is never hack than it is mostly because it never had traffic.

These complex processes should be carried out efficiently for the best results. The components that should be considered in website design and development are explained below.

Easy Navigation

Navigation should be easy to find and understandable. It shouldn’t be overdesigned and should be kept simple. The more the navigation is free from complexities, the more users enjoy using it. It should be able to cater to any age group.


Brand consistency should be followed. It helps the customers to recognize your brand. Maintain the appearance of the brand in your website so that you are remembered.

Reading Patterns

Information should be placed in the right order according to the user’s view. People usually read text from top to bottom or left to right. So, web designers need to take these realities in mind while designing a web page. Websites play an incomparable role in providing success and profit to a business. The design, a content, and development should be made precisely and accordingly.

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