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Web Development Trends for 2024

Web Development Trends for 2024

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With the continuously evolving digital technology, trends never remain constant they change with every passing year. The same goes for website design and development as it also experiences technological advancements that you should familiarize yourself with. If you don’t do it then it’s hard for you to survive in the rising competition.

Here is a complete guide to the latest web development trends based on market demands and industry.

Voice Search Optimization

Voice search is one of the latest trends of this year that you should look for. It has already made a significant impact on web presence. A statistical study shows that around 30% of searches will be done without screens by 2024. Smart speakers are also increasing with time. 

Voice commerce sales are also expected to grow by almost $6 billion in the UK and $42 billion in the US by the end of 2024. Considering these statistics, voice search optimization is booming, so you cannot ignore this web development trend. Making it a primary part of your SEO strategy would be best.

Push Notifications

A valuable and solid tool that is crucial in improving online customers' user experience and fuels your marketing efforts. Mobile applications are known to have more flexibility and convenience for users, but web applications are now also contributing positively to enhancing user experience. 

Push notifications provide different information to end-users, such as new blog posts, the product you liked in stock, etc. They are possible without any registration or email credentials. Push notifications give companies an additional platform to communicate with their audience and market their products and services.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Google has taken initiatives to improve the overall browsing experience for mobile users. The company introduced the accelerated mobile pages project, one of the latest trends in web development technology. 

The technology was built to encourage speedy websites with less load time and provide smooth browsing to users on mobile devices. Google loves fast-running websites, and AMP enhances website visibility, which means this technological trend also has a lot to offer for SEO. If you want to build an accelerated web page, you can use the AMP HTML open framework.

Progressive Web Apps

It is one of the most influential trends in web development that takes the web browsing experience to another level. Progressive web apps (PWA) are web applications that offer functionality similar to traditional mobile apps. This web application possesses features provided by advanced browsers for a better mobile user experience.

Research studies have shown that mobiles are the most used devices compared to tablets or desktops. This web application is built to fill the gap between mobile apps and mobile browsers. PWA has targeted the issues that users hate most, such as slowness, poor browsing, and load speed.

Renowned companies like Forbes, Virgin America, Twitter, and the Washington Post have built a PWA and used it best. They have been able to capture more conversions by decreasing the load time. Different technologies, such as Angular and Polymer, must be considered to implement this technological trend by creating a PWA. 

It is the perfect time to adopt the above-mentioned trends and implement them on your website. Just remember that early adopters always have a cutting-edge advantage over their competitors to lead the market.

There are a few technologies that have been advancing, and some companies are still implementing them, but it will not make you unemployed. There is still time, but time is changing rapidly, so adopting these few technologies is required. 


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