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Major Issues Faced by E-commerce

Major Issues Faced by E-commerce

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While associating with your very own online business or e-commerce business, your goal and desire would be to create a flexible, scalable, and highly-functional e-commerce website.

Further, if you are going to establish your name in this industry you’ll definitely have to identify and notice the pitfalls present in your online store. Even a little mistake can give you massive learning opportunities because you are competing in a challenging environment and you can’t afford to lose or waste a single minute of your time and money.

To eradicate these pitfalls you go for learning via webinar software to meet the technical person or read out via Google. If you are here then it definitely means you are looking for the mistakes or flaws that usually all the start-up websites make, so without further delay let’s go to the main topic.

Therefore, here are some of the e-commerce issues and challenges that all new e-commerce websites should avoid:



The design of the e-commerce website plays a key role in engaging users. Best ecommerce website builder companies pay special attention to the designs and styles. The design of the website has a deep relation with your online marketing presence, so in order to create your business website, modern themes with up to date designs are preferred as it ensures long-term success and attracts your target audience.


Create or destroy your business!

Visibility holds everything in e-commerce. 

Because of this you can create and even destroy your business. In simple words if you are not visible to your target audience how will you reach them? 

No matter how amazing your product is, if you do not explain its features, you will not attract the customers and identify your target audience, then how will you sell and promote your product. If your organization is not showing up in Google search engine with relevant keywords then it’s impossible for the customers to find it. To achieve your target and in order to overcome this issue, we can conduct keyword research to match their requirements, this factor helps in the growth of your company or organization as it grows traffic for your site.


  • For providing the answers to the customers about your product, you should have a strong grip upon your product features, components, benefits, and reliability as well.
  • Project description is one of the most important features on your page so you should have to give it the highest preference. 
  • Utilizing or using the content which has been provided by the product manufacturer will not get you any traffic on your web pages and that’s why Google will consider these pages as a duplicate of other web pages and your website won’t rank up in the search engine results.


Customer loyalty is important in every department especially in the business field but its importance increases even more while talking about e-commerce business. 

The major disadvantage of these online businesses is that  we can’t connect with our customers face-to-face but in order to overcome these problems we can market our product via

  • email, 
  • social media,

And  to please our customers we can offer discounts, free samples will work too.


No matter how good your product, its price, and customer services are, you can’t reach your customers without any shipping method. It is the only process through which your customers can take the products they desire.

  • It can be seen from the research that customers really care about the delivery service or shipping price,
  • Want to make customers happy? Provide them free shipping because in most of the cases clients usually abandon the product because of no free shipping available.


As we all know that online shopping is full of risk, there are multiple sites who are there just for scamming so online shopping is ordinarily unsafe for buyers. No one would need to be stuck with things that don't fit them. 

So, customers should have the right to return the purchased items online inside a characterized timeline in case of wrong delivery or because of some other aspects.


The main technical issues, a startup can face are given below:


The term “security issues” is defining that as the technology is growing and moving towards digital scenarios, the more threats and attacks are the biggest risk in their ways, a lot of work related to cyber security has been done in this field and much has to be done.

  • Here the biggest challenge is the DOS or DDOS attack. 
  • This is a kind of cyber attack whose purpose is to make a website unavailable to its user and its main purpose is to hang or stop the sites so, because of this a huge loss can occur for the company in means of both time and money.
  • For the prevention majors Firewall, IDS, and IPS systems have been created to filter out those attacks.


E-commerce websites are vulnerable to a lot of SEO errors as compared to the other website. These errors are the main obstacle within the search engine traffic sort of a duplicate version of a similar page that’s caused by the universal resource locator variables (URL).

Linking to the pages having 404 errors is the major SEO issue. High custom CMS development solution firms integrate SEO tools in their CMS. It not solely ensures the smooth or sleek running website but additionally implements SEO strategies to reinforce your rankings.


The other technical e-commerce issues includes:

  1. The range of bandwidth, usually small companies limits their bandwidth, it may be suitable for the initial time being but when the time passes the growth of the company rises then you would definitely require unlimited bandwidth. To avoid these problems you’ll have to choose a server with unlimited bandwidth otherwise it’ll be a loss.
  2. The other problem is that when your server goes down, your site will be down as well and because of that you can’t resume the marketing, sales, transactions, and the gain as well, so, to avoid these situations you have to choose a better hosting website having multiple servers as the backup.

So, you can face the above mentioned and many other issues while starting your new startup, so, it's better to take precautions rather than ruining your time and money by neglecting those factors. Keep those points in mind before starting and BEST OF LUCK!!!

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