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8 Slow Website Loading Causes and its Solution

8 Slow Website Loading Causes and its Solution

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Do you want to improve your conversions by making your websites load faster? There are plenty of factors involved behind the scenes that affect your website performance. For this, you need to keenly monitor the website.

Slow Website speed is one of those factors that makes a huge contribution to not being successful online. Slow website loading problem takes you nowhere. It costs you thousands of conversions and leads and it is one of the most important to understand what is actually causing the website to load slow.

As of March 2022, we haven't seen this speed factor being abundantly causing the downfall of your website keywords in SEO but soon it will be one of the most important SEO practices, We have been trying to figure out the main causes but let me tell you it doesn't happen easily and you should start working on it now so you can learn what actually causes these problems. The good thing is that we will list it down for you and minimize the learning process. 

Speeding up your website is not the requirement, it's the necessity to survive in the digital world. The tricky part is to figure out how?

When users come to your website they expect it to be fast because if you don't create the interest of users in 10 seconds your website is doing a really bad job for you. 

The ideal website load time is considered from 2 to 5 seconds which heavily impacts the user experience (UX). Additional 100 milliseconds can drop your conversion rate to 7%.

John Miller of Elite SEM mentioned this in earlier 2016

Focus on “dwell time” (how long site visitors spend with your content), rather than vanity metrics like pageviews. Creating quality content is extremely important because Google cares about how deep people navigate into your site, whether they hit the back button, and worst of all, whether they return to the search results page because they didn’t find the information they were looking for.

Importance of Website Speed

Google stated

 that around 54% of mobile users leave a site immediately if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Good website speed helps you to negate bounce rate and page abandonment. A fraction of a second can make or break your website speed. Every second you either make or lose a customer. It also makes a huge impact on search engine visibility and website traffic.

Ask yourself what you’ll do if the site is taking too long to load?

Obviously, you’ll switch to some other site because you can get desired information from other sites in less time.

Website speed is also crucial for customer retention and good conversion rates.

You cannot attain a strong web presence without a smooth and flawless website, so you must feel the need for speed.

Here are some of the major slow website causes with its possible solutions, so you can optimize your website performance.

Cluttered Code

Unclean code is the biggest culprit of slow websites. Take any slow-loading website example, messy code will be the major cause of it.

Unnecessary components and comments, plenty of white spaces, and empty lines just increase the stylesheet size of your website that cuts down it.

If you discard these unnecessary elements then you can compress the code and shrink the file size.

It will improve the overall load time of your website and will also impact your SEO positively. However, these are something that your developer will ignore as it takes time but you can access different online tools to identify errors and send them to your web development agency.

Unoptimized Images

A large number of unoptimized images can cut off your website speed. High-resolution images consume massive bandwidth while loading. Large image files put unnecessary weight on your website that making it slow. If you are using WordPress there are some well-paid plugins that can be used to optimize your images for all devices. 

You also have to consider the format of images while uploading them. There are some web format images. Use webp format for images A better-optmized size for the website. so you can take preventive measures accordingly.

Web Hosting Issues

In 2021, we have noted that great hosting is important for website for ranking your website. Google wants you to invest in your website which makes google identify that the company is serious to do business and it can allow its users to take your services. 

But we are here to tell you about the web hosting issues that allow these issues. 

- MySQL parameters need to be increased 

- In shared servers, the memory of ram needs to be released. It usually is running at optimum level which makes the server slow to respond. 

These issues are not solved by the hosting by itself you have to mention these to resolve this for you. Remember, our years of experience can help you with your website slow issues from the hosting side. 

It is important while selecting a hosting service they should have great customer service. We recommend ELEVEN2. The best customer service ever. They go out of the box to help you. 

Go for such options that can provide performance optimization services at the hosting price. Most companies offer custom web servers along with website development services to meet the needs of different customers.

If your web hosting provider is allowing you to run your web operations smoothly then you don’t have to think about switching it. You need to identify the right reason for the slowness of your website.

No Use of Content Delivery Network

The content delivery network is a distributed network that carries independent servers. These servers are integrated into geographic places that provide content to users with high performance and great accuracy. On the basis of your visitor’s location, the content is provided to the users. A node is used to serve data that is based at the data center available nearest. It reduces the round-trip time and provides results to the online users quickly.

If you have global visitors then CDN can help you to minimize the burden from your site as it caches the frequently accessed data then distributes it to the datacenters.

Round-trip-time is also reduced as a result of it that provides content faster to your audience.

Not Using Caching Techniques

Caching techniques are used to optimize the website performance and if you are not making use of it, you are at a loss. Caching helps you store the data points through this technique that are used frequently in the cached memory. When users look for particular content, cached memory serves them, so it speeds up the entire data hunting procedure.

By integrating HTTPS and server-side caching, you can bring major improvements to your website performance from database queries to images, there are various things you can cache. Just make sure that you don’t create any mess, set your priority, and keep things clear.

Unoptimized JavaScript

You may have heard about JavaScript before but do you know its importance in speeding up your website? Javascript is small code that enhances the UI features enhancements of your website. If it is not implemented correctly then it can make your website slow. Its optimization is important to improve the delay time of your web pages.

Many old Javascripts are out of date that causes render-blocking JavaScript that increases the load time of the page.

You can counter this issue by using the inline JavaScript and removing the external JavaScript files. You may also defer JavaScript loading unless the page is not completely visible to the user.

Database Overhead

Overhead refers to the irrelevant items in the database of your website. It includes logs, transients, and different plugins that increase over time.

This overhead can prolong the database queries than its actual time.

You can remove the overhead by optimizing your database. Most of the web hosts provide access to the database management platform via your hosting account, so you can optimize it this way.

It is important to address this issue on time or else it keeps increasing the load on your database that eventually makes your website work like a caterpillar.

Excess of Ads

Running ads is a great way to divert traffic to your site.

But it should not affect your website performance at any cost. If you are unable to provide a good user experience then you cannot build a powerful online presence, so limit ads on your site.

When you fill your website with ads, the HTTPS requests also increase, which increases the processing time. The media ads including auto-downloads, pop-unders, and others can make plenty of HTTPs requests. It can also affect the responsiveness of your website.

Limiting ads on your site will make a great impact on UX and CTR that can generate great traffic, leads, and eventually sales for you.

Final Words

Initially, when the web world was forming, nobody bothered about the load time of websites. People just needed access to the web somehow.

But now it's a different ball game altogether.

Fast-loading websites have great worth in Google’s eyes. With each passing year, your website must improve to compete in the highly competitive online world. You need to maintain your website regularly by taking care of the above-mentioned slow website loading causes that can possibly slow down your website.

Good website speed impacts heavily on your search engine visibility but also on conversion rate. Every second you reduce the website load time, evoke customers' trust, and urge more users to visit your site.

You may use PageSpeed Insights to analyze the speed of your web page. It will also give you a clear idea of what is slowing down your website and how you can fix it.

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8 Slow Website Loading Causes and its Solution


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