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10 Major Website Design Issues

10 Major Website Design Issues

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Creating an appealing and conversion-generating web design is a tough skill to master. Many businesses find it hard to get one. You may prioritize the web design that looks good but it should enhance your conversion rate as well.

Keep repeating website design mistakes is itself a mistake. If you want to increase web traffic and leads then identify those mistakes.

It is not rocket science to fix any issue. You just need to put in the time and effort to achieve your desired results. Otherwise, it will make it tough for customers to shop or send queries through your website.

Here are some of the website design issues that are the biggest hurdle to your online success.  Starting out from the major issues.

Web Design Responsiveness Issue

Responsive website design holds great importance for any website.

With responsive design, you ensure that users with different devices have easy access to your website.

Google recommends that a website should be optimized for all devices.

If your website has responsive web design issues then you can miss out on the web traffic and leads from different devices.

You need to understand that each device has a specific experience optimized for it, so build a website by keeping this in mind.

No Use of Favicon

You must think like an online visitor to identify design issues on your website.

Most web visitors prefer to open a lot of tabs while browsing the internet. It is just to review the work later. It is just to review them later on.

Favicon is essential just to give an idea to the visitors about the visual cue and to orient themselves. It helps them to find their desired data and to return to the tab.

If you don’t have it integrated to your website then it means you will lose a large number of potential customers.

Poor Web Design causes Slow Website

If your website is taking more than four seconds to load then it is slow. One of its major causes is poor web design. 

Google stated that around 70% of the websites take seven seconds or more to load. Their research also showed that a slow website increases the bounce rate.

According to Google, the load time of three seconds is the best practice that all business owners should follow.

Large image files are one of the causes of a slow website.

You need to make sure that while designing banners and images for the website, resize the images.

It will surely improve the load time of all web pages and make your website work smoothly. Your website speed also impacts search engine rankings.

Not Optimizing Website Design for Google Search/SEO

Building a website should be focused on user interaction on your website and bots/crawlers to index your content correctly for organic results.

So fundamentals of making an SEO-friendly website is ensuring search engines or crawlers have access to content and easily understand it.

Integrate proper components to your website design by following the SEO standard guidelines set by Google.

Whenever you plan to design a website, use proper headings to let users and search engines understand the content under every heading. Search engines detect content by understanding the heading as a Keyword and the content that has to be related as per google guidelines for the specific keywords. 

Use of Carousels by Home Page

The carousel is the list of cards that can be modified to show the content on the web page.

Carousels are not always harmful but they become a headache when your home page starts scrolling it automatically.

Carousels are conversion killers because they appear as ads and reduce visibility. They distract visitors and push them away from your website which decreases the conversion rate.

It also affects Google’s ability to crawl the website and negatively impacts SEO. They generally don’t work well on mobile phones and other gadgets.

404 Pages 

A 404 page not found means that the server is not showing the website that holds it. 

If you have 404 pages on your website then it means they are silently killing web traffic.

The statistical study showed that most site owners don’t even take this issue seriously.

With this issue, users are mostly expected to leave your site and never come back.

Unclear Fonts

If fonts of your website content are untidy and not clear then it will affect cognitive fluency. It is the process of understanding the information.

If the given information on your website is easy to understand for the visitors then it will surely improve page views. 

Font issue on a website increases the cognitive load which is not good for website performance.

Wrong Use of Whitespace

If you want to learn how to use whitespace properly, look at how Google uses it to divert users' attention on the most important thing. They smartly shift users’ focus to finding their desired information.     

Appropriate use of whitespace improves comprehension and readability which increases attention and clarity on your website. 

The right balance in whitespaces helps to fulfill the visitors’ purpose. Too much or too little whitespace kills the focus and clarity.

Website Design Legal Issues  

Not only graphics and image issues are linked to web designing. There are some legal aspects that you must know to address the concern of website visitors. 

Having no privacy policy on a website is one of the major website design legal issues that you must take seriously.

When visitors come to your website, they expect to see a privacy policy to know that you have a plan to protect them. It shows how you will use their personal information, so it plays a key role to build your credibility in customers' eyes.  

Also, make sure that a clear return policy and warranty information are present on your website.

Return policy and warranty are designed to enhance sales as it encourages visitors to take a risk with you.

If there is no return policy on your website then your customers will not know how you will handle any unlikely situation.

Website Design Issues in Ecommerce

When it comes to ecommerce websites, you will face unique web designing hurdles that need to be addressed.

Firstly, your ecommerce website should process payments from customers by providing them with convenient options and features.

From credit card to debit, Visa to Mastercard, users have different preferences.

Your ecommerce website design should be flexible to ensure smooth payment processing for customers. It is a big challenge, so check out all possible considerations.

Another challenge you will face in ecommerce website design is automating the inventory into it. It will save you time and minimize errors when you have tons of products to manage.

List down all the website design issues in ecommerce that you can encounter before starting working on it.

Final Words

If you are looking to build an ROI-driven website then above mentioned key points will help you to avoid issues and to make the right decisions.

Most businesses find it hard to design a website that drives revenue and traffic at the same time.

Designing a profitable website is not rocket science. But you need to put in the effort to achieve desired results.

Hopefully, this guide will help you to build a customer-centric website by overcoming all the obstacles that come your way.

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