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Why HTML templates for websites are the first choice of designers

Why HTML templates for websites are the first choice of designers

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HTML templates are templates that are a ready User Interface or front-end of your website and it's easy to get a ready-made website for a client with the website is one of the most desired selections by the designers. There are the benefits and disadvantages of using HTML templates but it's one of the top chosen and demand because of its nice design layouts and affordability. 

Benefits of HTML or Web design Templates or themes.

There are the following benefits of using ready-made templates that can be used to get your website live.

HTML Templates Are Compatible With All Browsers

The designer that sells their HTML templates works really hard for about a week to provide you with a responsive website design that is optimized for all devices and plus its code is supported by all the latest browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox And Safari Etc. Therefore, for a web designer or a company, it's one of the easiest ways of saving time and working with the content and images. 

SEO Friendly HTML Templates

The importance of SEO for websites cannot be overlooked. Some of the good web templates, not all are very SEO friendly. The web designer that designs those templates has the right HTML tags for SEO purposes for a developer to integrate Content Management System easily. This is an important factor that helps search engines to crawl your website easily. As we told you that not all are very SEO-Friendly templates because the use of Heading Tags like H1, H2, H3 are very important elements for crawlers to understand your content. There are a few other things like the use of alt-tags on the template images that play a major role in your SEO. 

Affordability or very low cost of web design templates

As the web designer that creates these web templates have really worked hard and then it sells its templates in bulk to cover up his effort and time. This is one of the reasons why these templates are affordable and really good to use.

However, these templates also come up with many disadvantages. 

Disadvantages of using Web design Templates or themes.

Every good and easy thing comes up with its disadvantages. So we will help you understand those disadvantages so you can understand the difference between a unique website design and web design companies do not fool you with less effort and high price. 

No uniqueness with your competitor

This is something you might be wondering about but it's one of the most important factors if you want to make a way to people to select you as a brand. 95% of companies use web templates but they are not aware of it because companies force to like the templates because it helps them save time and effort for creating a web design from scratch. This means that most of your competitors will have the same feel and look like your website. So you are not standing out from the competitors. 

You are paying the same amount to the web designer as custom website design

What people do not understand is that they are paying the same amount but thinking that their website would be unique but many web design companies scatter that dream because they avoid the effort of making the entire template from scratch. Most use WordPress templates because it is just easy and what they need to do is put your content and images with little effort to go live. The effort they might put into your website will be as little as 5 working days or less. 

Webnet Pakistan is one of the top companies that help that education to be delivered to their customers. If you need an affordable website it will be with a price of a template. Custom web design will cost you USD 2000 or more depending on the complexity.

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