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Website Redesign Strategies, Cost, and Complete Process

Website Redesign Strategies, Cost, and Complete Process

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When you decide to redesign a website that's probably because of vulnerabilities and pain points that you have identified. From appearance to technology, content to functionality, there could be different reasons that you encounter while analyzing the website. Eventually, all this leads you to the conclusion of a website redesign.

You need to know what users think of your website and most importantly are they satisfied with it?

If your website is not providing a great value to visitors, isn't mobile compatible or responsive, and has an outmoded and outdated look then these are strong reasons to revamp a website. You should also consider redesigning your website if you have a new business vision or products and services that will target a different niche market.

Here’s a complete guide that will give you an understanding of website redesign strategies and its afterward impacts.

Website Redesign Cost and Timeline

It all starts with the cost. Let’s be realistic, you can’t go to buy the iPhone 11 with $20 in your pocket, right? Likewise, for a website redesign, you need to assess how much you can invest.

High-quality and effective website redesign services do cost money and time. You have to understand that your website works as a 24/7 salesperson. It gets you leads, engagement, answers visitors queries and builds connections even when you are not thereby yourself. The bottom line is more time and money will be invested, more value you’ll get for it.

This phase is about keeping the balance between your goals and the resources that you want to invest including effort and cost. Eventually, it will help you to complete the website revamp procedure effectively within your budget.

Website Redesign UI/UX

Those days are long gone when you could keep the same look and feel for decades. In the current digital space, you cannot survive without an updated website design.

Let’s say if you entered into the apparel boutique and stopped by the dress that seemed most appealing to you then what would you do? Probably you’ll buy it, right?

The only thing that forced you to purchase the dress was the appealing look. You’ll not even bother to look at the pathetically designed dresses with numb colors. Similarly when a visitor comes to your website and if your design is compelling enough to make him stay for long, you’ll surely get more leads and eventually sales.

Now see an example of how our website looked before and after the redesign.

Website Redesign Example


After Website Redesigning

As you can see that the above images are of the same web pages but with different web designs. Just see the difference and ask yourself that as an online user would you go through a web page with plain text or an elegantly designed content?

Track your Website Performance

It’s really important to analyze the website performance before and afterward of the redesign procedure. Website behavior can be measured by metrics like bounce rate, goal conversion rate, and pages per session.
A poor bounce rate can be identified if visitors are not engaged on your website for more than a second or two. This could be because visitors are not finding immediately on your site what they are looking for. Ideally bounce rate should be less than 50%. The poor load time and look of your website could also be the reasons for it.
Here is an image below that indicates the bounce rate before the redesigning of our website.

Now see the image below that shows a much-improved bounce rate after redesigning our website. You’ll surely understand the significance and impact of website redesigning after seeing the image below not only on the bounce rate but also on users, page views, and average session duration.

Apart from the bounce rate, you must analyze the average pages per session and session duration. It tells you about the quality of your traffic and the behavior of visitors when they come to your site. The low average session shows that visitors are not engaged constantly on your website.

Revamping your website will surely make a positive impact on the above-mentioned key metrics. It will start converting the visitors into paying customers at a higher rate.

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Website Redesign Strategies, Cost, and Complete Process


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