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Difference Between HTTP and HTTPS

Difference Between HTTP and HTTPS

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What is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS?

To know the answer to this question, we first need to understand the following and HTTPS.


HTTP is short for Hypertext Transfer Protocol. HTTP is a network protocol that allows communication between servers and web browsers by exchanging data.

Do you know what  protocol represents?

When we enter HTTP:// in the address bar, it explains our browser to connect over HTTP.

HTTP is alsoknownteless protocol because its commands are executed separately. HTTP can be implemented with the other protocols as well. This HTTP protocol allows communication between you and the other website. It also enables the fetching of resources such as HTML documents.

When a browser sends an HTTP request to the web, it is received at the web server. An application is run to process the request then the output response is returned to the browser through the server. This response is received by the browser which is used by the client.

HTTP can be used over the firewalls a,s well.

Nowadays cyber-attacks are growing. That is why each website starting from HTTP:// is converting into HTTPS://. This is due to security purposes because HTTP sites are not secure.


Hypertext transfer protocol secure is short for HTTPS. As the name suggests, it is the advanced & secured version of the Hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP). It is used to transfer data between a website and the web browser. It provides TLS/SSL certificates to secure or encrypt the communication between the client and server.

Organization Validation, Extended validation, and Domain Validation are the types of SSL/TLS certificates used with HTTPS.

HTTPS is encoded to increase more security of data transfer. It changes the order of data before transmission and after the reception so that the information and data remain secured.

For example:


Some people might think that HTTP and HTTPS are both secure. That’s definitely not true. 

Also, HTTP and HTTPS protocols are not the opposite of each other. But there are differences between these protocols. Which makes HTTPS a more securer protocol than HTTP. Here is why


 HTTP is not a secured protocol, whereas HTTPS is a secured protocol. To ensure security or authentication, HTTPS uses a TLS/SSL certificate.


The OSI model has 7 total layers. Each layer has a different purpose and function. HTTP protocol works on the Application Layer, whereas HTTPS works on the Transport Layer.


In HTTPS protocol, encryption is used. And in URLs with HTTP, encryption is not used. 


HTTPS is a security protocol that works against different attacks such as man-in-the-middle attacks and others. On the other side, HTTP is vulnerable to hackers.


HTTP sites are faster than HTTPS sites in terms of speed.

  • SSL Certificates

HTTPS sites require an SSL certificate, whereas HTTP doesn’t need this.

  • URL

The URL of HTTP starts from http:// whereas HTTPS URL starts with https://.


HTTPS requires a domain validation & certificates, whereas HTTP does not require domain validation.


HTTPS helps to increase the search engine ranking while HTTP doesn’t improve search rankings.


HTTPS transfers data in the form of ciphertext, while HTTP transfers data in plain text.


This HTTP and HTTPS port numbers are different. HTTPS uses 443 ports to send data, whereas HTTP uses port 80 to send data.


If you need to store any private or confidential information such as credit card numbers. This can be for your eCommerce site where online payment methods are used. In this case, HTTPS would be the best fit as it is more suitable for banking websites & login pages because of the security. But if you only need your website to show your creativity, discussion, and work such as blogs, poetry, photography, and many other things. Then HTTP would be a good choice for this case.

You might also have seen that sites that start from HTTP show a not secure term in the URL. To make your website more secure, URLs with HTTPS is used. HTTPS is considered as the minimum security for the website.

Whether to choose HTTP:// or HTTPS://, it all depends on your choice and preference. If you want to create a more secure website, HTTPS:// would be the best option. Otherwise, HTTP:// is suitable for websites that don’t require any customer data or other information.


  • Whenever the customers see the green padlock at the beginning of the URL, they feel relieved as it provides them peace of mind. This factor also helps in increasing the loyalty of the customers to your eCommerce site. If the site is not secure, no one will
  • HTTPS enhances the security of the site and also increases the speed of the site. This attracts more people or customers.


  • HTTP provides the cost benefits. For HTTP, you don’t have to buy anything. Because whenever you are on the internet, you can use HTTP. But for HTTPS, you have to buy an SSL certificate.
  • HTTPS consumes more money and adds complexity than HTTP.
  • Some people are not aware of the difference between HTTP and HTTPS protocol, and they keep using HTTP for their sites. 
  • There are tons of brands that are offering SSL certificates for the websites. So, sometimes people become confused about what to choose and how to choose.


HTTP and HTTPS full form is Hypertext Transfer Protocol & Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure.

The use of HTTP and HTTPS depends on you, your website. If security is not a matter for your site then HTTP is all okay. But if you have your online store or any site that needs the confidential information of your customers. Then the use of HTTP would be the greatest risk.

It’s not like HTTPS secures your website from every attack. But it is considered the security layer of your website. Both HTTP and HTTPS have some advantages with limitations as well. So, analyze your scenario and website purpose, then pick the right one (HTTP:// or HTTPS://) for your site.

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