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URL with WWW vs without www

URL with WWW vs without www

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What should you choose, a website URL with www or without www?

You will need clarification if you are a newbie planning to start your website.

You might be thinking about the questions such as:

What is the difference between www and non-www domains?

www vs. non-www, which is suitable from an SEO perspective?


But first of all, you have to know:

What is a domain name?

According to Marc Ostrofsky:

Domain names and websites are Internet real estate.

For a better understanding, 

A domain name is considered the address or the name of your website. 
The domain name is the address where you can find your specific site or content by searching your browser's URL.

For example,

We use HTTP and HTTPS in a URL,

The domain name in this example is

Why do we use domain names?

A domain name is a combination of numbers, symbols, and letters used to search. The Internet works with an IP address, which has been replaced with domain names for users to quickly reach and remember your website.

It is one of the easiest ways humans can understand and search for their desired website rather than remembering IP addresses such as 


Which domain is preferable, with www or without www?

This is a frequently asked question, but Webnet Pakistan believes that a domain with non-www is better. We have our explanation, but we will give it in a while before we want you to understand that Google doesn't give any preference for www or without www URLs.

Your SEO ranking depends on you and your preference. Just note that a domain name with and without www is considered two URLs by crawlers. So, if you use any, please ensure you have 301 redirects that redirect your URL to the one you want your users to land on. 

We don't necessarily need www in our web address.

However, 'www' is considered more authentic than a non-www domain. If you ask us what is preferable, I would suggest without www. because the user intends to enter your domain name without the use of www and will write, which, when entered, Google takes as an HTTP://domain name. 

Compared to www, non-www domains have a variety of technical advantages.

  • If you use any less recognizable domain, adding www will help you find your site easily. 
  • Non-www domains usually help get a tremendous amount of traffic because of their simple website name. We believe that most people typically write the domain name, and if you have a www with the domain, it usually needs to redirect to www. which can take a few milliseconds more for your user to access your website. This process is called 301 redirects. 

So, this is about something other than a good or lousy domain extension, but to conclude their pros and cons, a non-www domain is more beneficial than www websites.


To conclude the topic, 

It doesn't matter what you use, but as mentioned above, we prefer a non-www domain to stop the extra redirection required when a user types the domain name. When a user types the domain name, it means, and if you have a www with the domain, it will use the 301 redirection method to open the domain with 


Any format is fine, but it is necessary to understand their importance and the factors that may affect your SEO.


'www' is considered a standard and popular way to start a website's URL. In actuality, www is a subdomain that has become the most popular subdomain on the Internet.

In the beginning, there were only www URL websites. But after some time, we noticed that people started to drop the www before searching for any website. 

That's how the non-www domain starts to work.


Different well-known non-www websites are working very effectively.

Such as:,, etc


Google and Facebook are the most popular websites whose domain starts with www.


These are a few websites that work with both www and non-www domains.

Hahaha, we tricked you. 

All websites will work on both, but most of them are redirected to 1 URL they prefer to use. However, we can use both as well. However, remember that the crawler will take both www and non-www as 2 URLs, which may result in duplication of content and penalize your ranking on SERPs.  

Types of issues you could face are Canonical issues, duplicate content issues or overlapping issues, and other problems that can occur due to the accessibility of both forms.

You must use the canonical link to save time and effort by linking your most desirable URL. This helps the crawler identify that both pages are similar and should select the canonical URL. To avoid such problems, we use 301 redirections. 

So what do you think I should do? We tell people

Your website, your choice!

Please follow this rule with some research before you choose your domain URL and boost your website's performance. 

You can choose your preferred domain using the Google webmaster tool or any other preferred tool, but if you have many indexed pages on a website with www or without www, it needs to be noticed because Google will take some time to index your pages. We always prefer that you should hire an SEO Experts that will help you redirection and also help you with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 


Google ranks any website by seeking reliable and relevant information.

Choose only one if you choose your domain name with www or without www. Please don't try to switch your website from www to non-www or non-www to www. Stick to one that fits your choice and preference because shifting your website can harm your SEO efforts.

Your URL format does not affect the ranking of your websites. There is no kind of security threat to a website in either: 

Domain with or without www.

Choose any of your favorable formats without worries.

Both the www and the non-www URL format will help your website. What can hurt you is more important than these variables. Please, we have taken the time to write this article so you can understand the differences, and we are sure you will get all the help you need. Cheers.

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