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4 Issues Ecommerce Website Builders Should Focus

4 Issues Ecommerce Website Builders Should Focus

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An online store cannot afford to be disorganized and thoughtless, the ecommerce website builders must assure the ecommerce shop design, development and its proper organization. Ecommerce has made rapid growth in recent times and it depends on the online business owners how they use it effectively to gain a competitive edge in the market.

In the current digital space, customers want the hassle-free buying procedure where they can place orders by the slight movement of fingers.

If you run an ecommerce business then you have to take a good look at various touchpoints and challenges that exist in an online atmosphere.

According to the statistical study, ecommerce sales have gone to $345 billion and by 2019 it crossed over $600 billion. Although, these figures don’t mean that all ecommerce companies are making good money.

There are some challenges and problems that are faced by ecommerce solutions. From website maintenance to customer service, you are liable to take care of small things.

Here is a complete guide to making you understand what are the issues that all ecommerce website builder companies should target. It will help you to provide an end-user experience to your online customers by meeting all their needs through online shop website design.

Specifications of ecommerce shop design

Online Identity Verification

When a user goes to an ecommerce website and signs up in the portal, the portal doesn’t know customers. The information that is entered on the website remains questionable that either it is authentic or not. It can lead to huge revenue losses if cash-on-delivery (COD) purchases use a fake number or address.

The issue can be resolved by executing the proper steps for customer verification. You have to stay alert for any suspicious activity that can affect the high value and large orders. It’s important to identify fake phone numbers.

Sending the verification link on each customer sign up through the text message or email can help you to identify whether the customer is fake or genuine.

Data Security

Security vulnerabilities can give you massive headaches. Scammers are always looking to attack the web host server. As a result of these attacks, websites end up having harmful viruses. It can lead to data breaches and all your customers’ personal information like credit card details and phone numbers can be stolen.

Using your server can help you to prevent this issue. It will help you to make your ecommerce store secure and safe.

Shopping Cart Abandonment

One of the major issues that exist in the ecommerce world is the abandonment of shopping carts. Many of the big ecommerce portals have experienced huge losses due to this problem.

The checkout process filled with bugs makes it difficult for customers to complete the desired action. It makes them run away from your portal.    

If you are facing the same issue then you should consider revamping the shopping cart to make it bugs-free. Live chat is one of the useful solutions to prevent this issue.

Product Return

According to the statistical study, around 65% of the consumers would go through the return policy before making the purchase. It is vital to create credibility in the customers’ eyes, so you should offer a convenient product return and refund policy.

It heavily damages your reputation when a customer returns the product due to its poor quality. Also, it affects your shipment and logistics costs. 

You should remember that strong return policies are also a part of good customer service. Be crystal clear about your policies and show flexibility to keep customers happy and satisfied.

Surviving in the ecommerce world is not a walk in the park. You should analyze the problems that online consumers face and then create strategies on its basis to stand out in the highly-competitive ecommerce market.

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4 Issues Ecommerce Website Builders Should Focus

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