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Types of Corporate Identity

Types of Corporate Identity

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Corporate Identity is associated with the corporate image of a particular business that customers, investors, and employees perceive. It usually call a brand and a brand is always made up of many things. 

In this blog, I will speak about types of corporate identity and how is it designed. It is important that we understand that behind every corporate identity is an idea, color, and cultural value endorsed in it. All these items actually add up to build a strong brand and It becomes the face for your products and services that carries your brand.

Below I will be showing you some types of corporate Identity that build a brand and we haven't spoken about it but it will help you understand how designing corporate Identity can create a unique brand. 

Visual Elements of Branding

Brand value is built upon elements of corporate identity using corporate values & Culture, Colors, Elements, mission & vision and the most important factor is TYPOGRAPHY used while making your brand. Typography is 70% of a visual presentation of your brand. Corporate Identity starts with your LOGO DESIGN which consists of all the corporate Identity brand building elements. A Logo is a visual presentation of unique elements that define an organization's or brand's corporate values, culture, vision, and colors. The unique elements used in a corporate Identity present a visual presentation of a brand. The entire visual elements of branding are taken from the Logo itself to create a consistent visual presentation for branding to be persistent throughout all Corporate Identity Artwork delivered. The importance of corporate Identity is to make the communication within the organization consistent in the external communication of any organization representing its brand to its audience. 

Corporate Identity Elements

Corporate Identity Elements are the most important factors in a Corporate Identity or Branding. These elements are designed by experienced Creative Designers with the help of some creative Brief provided by the client and some BIG IDEAS that comes up during the brainstorming session held by brand designing agencies. This is why many organizations spend 1000 dollars to build a brand existence and if you still believe these elements are created by a logo designer, then you are right. The ideas of the concepts can be brainstormed by the agency but the actual corporate Identity is designed by a creative designer. But it’s not what corporate identity is, as it relates to what you are as a company. It includes those corporate identity elements that represent the cultural values of your organization.

Corporate Identity Example

It is also important to understand that corporate identity and brand identity are not the same. Take an example of Nestle which is a multinational company and see that it has one logo with a single set of company values and culture. Then, it has tons of brands working under its umbrella with an individual identity including Cerelac, KitKat, Nescafe, Milo, Maggi, Nestle Pure Life, and many others.     

So, here is a useful piece of information to enlighten you about different types/elements of corporate identity, and its importance.

Building Corporate Image Identity

Forming a corporate identity is one of the most fundamental parts of your business. When you establish your business, you already have built a corporate identity just like your brand image. Now it’s up to you how you manage it. 

When you think about building your corporate identity, you should consider both pictures. You have to look at the design and cultural values of your organization too.

By building a corporate identity, you will be able to ensure that you are coherent in internal and external communication as per your business vision. You will attain a unique place in the market as your target audience will start recognizing you. Also, customers, investors, and employees will engage with you more effectively.

Corporate Identity Management

Corporate Identity Management is important while you are thinking of creating a brand value or having multiple brands under your umbrella. The use of Brand Book defines all types of Branding Elements to be used by different Design agencies and other Design companies. It is usually presented to you by the agency that builds your brand in a PDF document. Agency refers to this as a Corporate Identity PDF and will request it if you plan to advertise. This book is so important for the management of corporate Identity that your auditing of the artwork and brand values do not compromise by any agency. The reason for delivering this brand book by the agency, so that you are not bound to one designing agency. Creating a Corporate Identity Management document also costs you very much because it involves a creative team.

Corporate Identity PDF or Brand Document PDF

As I was talking about the Brand book above, also refer as a Brand Document of an Organization. It includes the most important factors that your brand is made of. 

The Brand elements: The brand elements are built of concept or idea which is described in the Corporate Identity PDF. These elements are used to make any design using those elements.

The Typography: The Fonts are usually 70% of your brand output. Usually, some organizations and brands take fonts very seriously and use them in entire processes where the brand is visualized. The brand value is created by designing Unique Fonts that no one has it. They invest in fonts so their brand value is higher than others in the market. Do you even see how much organizations spend on Corporate Identity? All fonts type are mentioned in the brand book as well.

Corporate Identity Color: Usually a brand is built of 2 or 3 colors but the brand plays with hues of color used by your brand under your brand umbrella. To make other brands different by color but not to lose the corporate Identity image of the brands under its umbrella. 

Brand Representation: The brand book talks about how your brand should be displayed on different backgrounds, banners, BTL Activities, and ATL activities.

These are the major corporate identity elements of your company. Your core values, vision, and culture have to be exhibited and design plays a crucial role in it.

Corporate Culture

The company’s operating culture is referred to as the corporate culture. Some particular sets of values and rules of conduct are followed by the company. Corporate culture plays a key role in forming the corporate communication and corporate behavior of the company.

Your company’s vision is also a part of your corporate culture. No matter which high-quality product you are selling, you need to explain the purpose and vision behind it to your target audience. People only buy from you for why you do it, not for what you do.

The company’s culture is mainly embedded in the work environment, flexibility, rules, policies, operations, and leadership that you are responsible to take care of.

Corporate Behavior

Corporate behavior refers to how you behave as a company with the people that are associated with your company. From employees to customers, Suppliers to shareholders, everyone is included in it.                           

It also includes the behavior and communication that you conduct with the public. The leadership of employees and the ability to criticize are also included.

Corporate Language

A particular language is used by companies to represent their corporate culture. This language could be formal or informal depending on the cultural values of the company.

It includes the way a company expresses its concerns and values to the relevant departments and individuals in the company. The way you communicate with your target market is also depicted in your marketing campaigns.

Your corporate identity includes all segments of your company. Hopefully, the above-explained Types of Corporate Identity a brand should endorse will give you a clear idea of the major constituents that you need to build a strong image of your company. 

A well-sorted corporate identity will enable you to build credibility in the customer’s eyes and will set you apart in the marketplace.

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