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6 Logo Design Mistakes to Avoid

6 Logo Design Mistakes to Avoid

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A logo showcases your business values. It builds your brand persona by highlighting the important traits of it.

In this digital age, more people are supposed to recognize your brand through your logo due to the massive influence of the internet.

Although logo designing is a time-consuming process. But it is important to have a clear idea about the loopholes that can create issues for you.

It is better to learn before rather than learning by committing a mistake. So, you should know different logo design mistakes to avoid.

A unique and simple logo lasts long in people’s memory that also plays an important role in increasing your brand awareness.

People have a certain cast, creed, nationality, religion, or color that becomes their identity. Similarly, the logo is one of the most integral parts of your corporate identity that shows the world who you are as a brand and what you do.

It means you cannot afford to have any defect in your logo for the sake of your brand reputation.

You have to come up with a flawless logo that can compel the audience to take interest in your brand.

Let’s dive in and explore some common logo design mistakes that will help you create a perfect and appealing logo design.

Not Putting yourself in Brand's Shoes

The logo designing process starts with the understanding of the brand. You have to dig deep down to know what products and services a brand offers.

It is all about communicating your brand’s essence, so you should know all pinpoints of the brand.

Impatient designers directly go into work with zero knowledge of the brand.

You need to do proper brainstorming sessions with your team before starting working on any logo.

It is just like you prepare for the exam or gather the relevant information before writing the essay right?

So, will you be able to create a mesmerizing business logo unless you will not have a complete understanding of it?

You are required to do an in-depth brand audit to have a clear idea about brand values and background. It will help you add the relevant ingredients and elements in the logo and will reflect the true colors of the brand.

Once you put yourself in brand shoes, you will be able to create stunning brand appeal by reflecting it in the logo perfectly.

Not Thinking Outside the Box

Sticking to the old school approach takes you nowhere in life that also applies to logo designing. You need to evolve constantly with the time to outsmart your competitors.

If you take a look at all top brands of logos, you will notice how unique they are that is why they last long in people’s memory.

For example, when you hear about McDonald's, you can automatically create an imaginary picture in your mind of its logo. Because its logo is unique and simple that you will not find it in any other fast-food chain.

Take another example of the KFC logo.

You will notice how creative and simple their logo is and that perfectly sums up the entire concept with an image of the brand’s founder on it.

You have to come up with similar creative logo ideas to rule the heart of your target audience.

To think creatively, you need to understand the fine line between uniqueness and clichy.         

A perfectly crafted logo must have an everlasting impact.

You do not want it to fade away after some time from people’s memory.

It is not worthy to rely on trends and do what everybody else is doing.

You need to think about the logo ideas that can instantly click in users' minds by focusing on your business visual identity.

Aim to build your own brand identity by going against the flow to become a trendsetter rather than doing what everybody does.

Following Others Blindly

Doing the same thing as others are doing will add zero value to your design.

When you are striving to build your own corporate identity, you need to reflect your brand values in your logo rather than copying others ideas.

You can not gain the trust of your potential customers unless you will not bring authenticity to your logo.

People are smart enough to spot any plagiarism in your logo that can sabotage your company’s repute.

Logos are supposed to make you stand out among the bunch of brands in the market. So, you should not give anyone a chance to raise a finger on your brand’s image.

Although it is impossible to check every single design for similarities. But you should check your closest competitors.

Poor Choice of Fonts and Colors

Maintaining the right balance in logo colors and fonts is crucial for your success.

You need to choose the right fonts and colors according to your business niche.

Let’s say if you have a restaurant business then red color should be visible in your logo. Red is the color that evokes hunger and excitement.

If you see the logos of all top restaurants, you will notice how prominent the red color is. From Pizza Hut to Burger King, you will see it in all top restaurant's logos.

So, the utilization of color varies according to the industry. You just need to pick the right color according to your brand values and message.

Now let’s talk about the logo fonts.

Your font choice can either make or break the logo design. Anything over the top can make your entire brand look senseless.

All businesses have their background, so you need to choose the right font according to your brand’s personality.

You need to do in-depth research about the fonts that are similar to your products or services.

Play with different font styles and then finalize it according to your business needs.

Making it Complicated

Initially, you can be tempted to go with too many things for your logo design. But you should not go over the top with your design.

A mixture of too many elements in your logo design can confuse your target audience. Your message in a logo should be very loud and clear that will speak for itself.

One of the biggest logo mistakes that designers make is trying too many things to come up with something fancy.

They even forget that complicating things kills the charm of a logo and can compromise your brand purpose.

Simplicity is the key to success for your logo but you have to keep in mind some key factors.

Versatility, Impact, and Memorability should be your major concerns while designing a logo.

Your logo should be versatile, so you can create in different ways without losing its style or appeal.

Memorability is one of the most important factors that is associated with logo design. Because the primary objective of a logo is to enhance your brand recognition, so it should be easy to understand and remember for your audience.

Lastly, a logo is all about impact. People should be able to understand a logo by taking a single glance. A powerful impact helps you create actionable strategies for your branding.

To avoid complicating things, you should extract the true essence of your brand and mold it in the purest form as a logo.

A clean and everlasting logo design will create credibility and streamline your branding efforts.

Having No Flexibility

If you see the common logo design mistakes examples then you will notice that inflexible logos are good for nothing.

A logo has to be used in different mediums, so it should be flexible to adjust it easily on websites, business cards, brochures, and everywhere else.

A flawless logo can go well with all sizes and platforms, so you have to ensure flexibility in your logo to have a distinctive identity.


Committing a mistake is not a mistake but it is always better to learn before making it rather than suffering from the loss. Once you have a clear idea about the rules for logo design, you can build an everlasting brand identity.

With the mistakes mentioned above, you will know the do’s and don'ts of logo designing, so you can avoid the hassle of revisions.

A good logo design can either make or break your brand’s stature, so it's up to you how you overcome these challenges.

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