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How Videos Can Attract Your Audience For Your Business

How Videos Can Attract Your Audience For Your Business

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Instagram is no longer just a photo-sharing app. The chief of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, has recently alluded to the importance of video content, and how it will no longer remain a platform for sharing photos, as originally conceived.

This change is in line with the new era of marketing strategy, content consumption, and content creation, and brings into the limelight, the importance of merging creative content with business, across platforms. This helps to ensure better reach and remembrance. There was a time when ad films were considered the only form of “video marketing”. But now, the term video marketing has evolved exponentially.

Reels, transitions, and trending audios are all terms that are fast becoming common everyday words; and what’s intriguing is how fast the world has adapted. Small and large businesses alike have jumped on the video marketing bandwagon to attract, acquire, and retain customers, and establish a market presence. Video editing, in the earlier days, for instance, would typically remind a person of big monitors and code-like language that only an editor would understand. What used to be a job that involved technicalities and needed formal training, has now become something every other millennial finds interest and proficiency in. App developers and gurus have realized the growing importance of video content, and today, we have an abundance of apps and software programs that make video editing as easy as it gets!

Why Video Content?

To answer this briefly and directly —it’s because of the times we live in.

Video content is all around us - not only from waking up to our families forwarding “good-morning” animations each morning to eating fresh, experimental cuisine picked up from the plethora of food recipes on Instagram and YouTube, but also our grandparents have jumped onto the bandwagon, by finding renditions of their favorite Bajans and retro music on apps like YouTube.

Be it educational, recreational, professional, or promotional - it’s a known fact that video visuals and content that can be consumed in more than one sensory manner, helps engage people a lot more than just audio, or still print.

Video Content and its importance for a business to grow

Audio-visuals are scientifically believed to be the best in helping with absorption and remembrance in the brain. Videos — an amalgamation of audio, visual, and often even written content hold attention for much longer than when either of those formats is consumed individually.

Even today, our parents, or generations before them, still remember certain brands by the ads of that brand they watched on TV or the jingles that the brand came to be known by. That’s how impactful an audiovisual medium of conveying information is! Today, brands make use of both audio and visuals in harmonized and clever ways, to attract and retain attention.

From animating logos to making ad clips as short as 10 seconds, marketing a business using video tools is the way forward. Even research points in this direction. 86% of companies today use videos as a marketing tool according to video marketing statistics and the number of businesses wanting to use video marketing strategies has gone up by 46% in the past four years. While video content may be different from other forms of content, the goal is to make its presence felt amongst all the noise and competition - and what better way, than to use the tool that is most widely consumed, and considered the most impactful too.

Apart from having the chance at leaving a more substantial mark on people’s minds, video marketing also gives better scope for telling a story. Brands today spend a lot of marketing money to find a voice that can be heard, visualized, and remembered. With a story that gives them their unique identity, they raise their chances at all of this. Apart from visual impact, videos allow connecting with audiences emotionally too. Through a video, one can evoke laughter or sadness in a matter of seconds. Videos help in grabbing a person’s attention a lot more than written or still content. A video’s ability to convey meaning is generally faster, more entertaining, and more impactful. Video marketing is used across industries today - from construction to music, from cooking to handicrafts - you name it, there’s not one industry that doesn’t make use of video marketing.

Kinds of Video Content Marketing

Whatever kind of video content one chooses — and there are quite a few to choose from — the video's objective ought to be pre-decided and coherent. This objective of video content is rooted in informing, entertaining, and educating an audience, and this audience is what we famously refer to as the target audience. 

When video marketing strategies are laid down with clarity and purpose and are cohesive with the brand’s image and target audience, the yearned results are well within reach. Based on these objectives and strategies, a brand then markets itself through different types of video content.

A. Brand Film

This can be seen as a short film on a brand. It is to convey to people what the brand really stands for — its core values, goals, and purpose. This film, if relayed well, is what people would associate the brand with; it gives the brand a definition and foundation.

B. Product Film

Based not on the entire brand’s values but on its particular product(s), this film throws light on the value a brand's product would add to your life. It conveys the features of a product or service. Think of any TV ad that encourages you to buy a body lotion or the newest flavor of Maggi — they’re all examples of product films.

C. Reels

While these words would have meant nothing just a little over a year ago, today, right from our 7-year-old cousin to our parents are humming to the trending audios and doing the trending dances.  Reels are Instagram’s way of moving in the direction of becoming a video content app. Their reach, if done right, is the most guaranteed. In 30 seconds or under, backed by audios that are groovy, romantic, and dreamy, reels are, in the present day, the most entertaining and quick way to reach people.

Other than these, educational videos, testimonials, tutorials, animations, and experiential videos are other effective video marketing strategies.


A remembered piece of video content has its base in a strong message that can be told in a variety of different ways. And thankfully, these are times that make it possible for us to execute our ideas effectively with helping hands like online video editing tools. With tools, consumers have access to easy video editing tools and do not require any formal training to create a strong marketing presence. Whether it’s a big or small business or even an individual entrepreneur, It helps everyone make quick, catchy, and fun videos to boost sales, increase business performance, and establish market presence.

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