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7 secrets of boosting the viral potential of your content

7 secrets of boosting the viral potential of your content

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A complete guide to viral your content

Have you ever said that you do not want to publish your blog post which you have written and which you are going to write in future?

There will be a big no in your answer. Right?

It is the desire of every writer to spread widely his content and make viral it. But it is not that easy that we just write a piece of content and people immediately start to read and share it.

There are various digital marketing companies which are figuring out some smart strategies for you to provide attention to your content?

So, I have specially written this article to guide you how to increase chances to viral your content. This article reveals some secrets which will quickly impact on your content.

Wow, what are these secrets? No more wait. These top secrets are here for you;

1. Start Headlines with odd number

Always start your headline with odd number. This is the key to get more clicks on your content. headlines which start with odd numbers get clicks two times more than the headlines which are started with just a research topic.

2. Use Short Sentences

Short sentences are always appreciated and liked by the readers, whereas long sentences create trouble for the readers. It is found from a research that short sentences get clicks 78.6% more than long sentences.

3. Use Adwords

Get support with the new emerging and latest SEO services. SEO services are the organically getting you higher on SERPS. But Adwords or PPC (Pay per Click) advertising help you get paid traffic and great leads on to your website. These are are good way to achieve sales targets. SEO helps you optimize your website, when you start paying for adwords it will help bring in traffic and get your website on SERPS as well. The process that takes one year will take 6 months to have great standing on the online searches. 

4. Use Descriptive URLs

It is found from a Microsoft study that use of descriptive URLs is an excellent way of generating traffic towards your website. Readers always choose the domains which are trusted. Trusted domains get traffic 25% more than other domains.

5. Put Call to Action Button

An essential factor that all SEO Website services focus, to put a call to action (CTA) button in the last of your content. This will help the readers who like your content to share it in just a click.

6. Use expressions

It is also a great secret of getting readers attention. Always use emotional words to express your surprise, anger, happiness. A research in a marketing journal has concluded that content with use of emotional words get 28% more clicks than the others which have not.

7. Use a Featured Image

Digital marketing services always appreciate the featured image to link with the content to make it more attractive and informative. As it is rightly said that a picture speaks thousands words. This is a great source to get attention towards any content.

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