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How to Make a Marketing Campaign Viral

How to Make a Marketing Campaign Viral

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When you hear about something going viral it means that thing spread like a virus or disease from one person to another.

It is all about something clicking in users’ minds instantly that forces them to take more and more interest with the time.

When it comes to creating a results-driven marketing campaign, there are plenty of factors involved.

From strategy to execution, you have to spend time with your team at each phase before the final launching of the campaign. It could take weeks or months to build the end product, but it is worth giving time as you can achieve fruitful results through it.

Marketing content requires different elements to make it viral.

Creativity, uniqueness, effectiveness, relevance, and the right choice of the platform are required to create a booming marketing campaign.

You have to think about out-of-the-box ideas to engage your target audience and to leave a good impression on them.

Viral marketing is known to be the advanced marketing form of the 21st century.

It is due to the availability of different platforms that plays a crucial role to make content viral among different types of audiences.

Some of your potential customers could be on Instagram while others can be waiting for you on Facebook.

Target the right platform that you think can provide a wider reach to your audience.

Now without any further delay, let’s start exploring some useful ways to make your marketing campaigns in 2021 a big hit.  

Pick the Right Platform

It is important to understand that the marketing needs of every platform vary from each other.   

You cannot use the same content strategy for Facebook that you used for Twitter. You need to bring variation in your style according to the mindset of that particular platform’s audience.

Let’s say if you are creating a campaign on Instagram, you need to come up with compelling images including a catchy caption that can fuel viral shares online.

Nobody will be interested to read the long stories on Instagram, so you need to follow the right method to leverage each platform effectively.

While creating content on LinkedIn, inspirational stories and pulse articles can be handy to engage the audience.

Thus, you must know how to create a powerful marketing persona through each platform.

Understand your Target Audience Issues

Before creating a marketing campaign, you should start studying your audience closely. It will give you an understanding of your audience's preferences and issues.

Content only becomes viral when it convinces people to share it eagerly and for that, you must know your target audience.

A marketing persona represents the demographic and psychographic details of your target market. It also includes their preferences and social media behavior.

To create impactful marketing campaigns, you need to understand what is most important to your potential and existing customers.

While you are brainstorming for effective marketing campaign ideas, you need to dig deep down to find out the issues your customers are facing.

Once you start focusing on their problems and interests, you will automatically come up with the content that will get shared automatically across different platforms.

Create Super-Duper Content

Content is the heart and soul of any marketing campaign.

From written text to images to videos, it involves every single thing that will be a part of your campaign.

Social media platforms use algorithms to position content based on its engagement rate.

Content that has the most engagement is expected to rank at the top of the news feed.

If you become successful to get a high engagement rate that your content will be amplified to other users. 

Once you will have good engagement, your reach will increase automatically and you will be able to generate more leads and conversions.

Video is one of the most effective forms of content that plays a key role in engaging your audience. Making an appealing and informative video of your product gives a better idea of your products or services.

Build Emotional Appeal

Whether it is TV advertisement or digital marketing, Your marketing campaign cannot make an impact on the customers unless it does not have strong emotions.

If you can evoke positive emotions among your target audience then you can easily make your campaign viral.

But how can you make a campaign with strong emotions that will compel customers to take action? 

You need to create something that has extreme love or affection. You should come up with something that is insanely creative or genius.

The emotional drive should be powerful enough to grab the attention of people and become successful.

If you see top viral marketing campaign examples, you will notice that reason for its success is the strong emotional appeal. 

Shan foods is a well-known global food brand that offers high-quality food products. A few years back they launched the ad on the eve of Eid-ul-Fitr that left everyone with teary eyes.

The ad had powerful emotional appeal and went viral across the globe, ultimately becoming a massive hit for the brand. This ad is the best example of creating emotional appeal in marketing. 

Choose the Right Timing

Your campaign’s timing has to be right because everything works according to the trend.         

To see what’s currently trending, you may use Google trends as it provides you a clear idea of popular search queries.

The information you are using for your campaign must be fresh and relevant.

Also, you should wisely choose the timing to launch your campaign at the right time of day. 

You should choose the peak time of the day to run a campaign so that you can get maximum engagement and achieve your desired results.

Schedule your campaign in the daytime to reach an audience on the large scale. 

Be Unique and Genuine 

It is good to study what has already produced results but simply copying it will make you fall flat. To go viral, you have to adopt a unique approach.            

Uniqueness is about creating your viral marketing strategy rather than going with the existing viral trend.

If you see the viral marketing campaigns examples, then you will understand why they went viral because nothing was created like that before.

Your success highly depends on how you capitalize on the memorable spin to build your trend.

Consider your marketing goals that play a pivotal role to make your campaign viral.

Ask yourself do you want to promote a newly launched product or your existing brand?

The traits of your products and services set you apart from others, so you need to leverage them effectively to spread your message.

It is essential to have a clear actionable objective in mind that will help you drive potential customers to take action.

The bottom line is to build a unique spin to engage your target audience. It should be something that showcases your brand values and excites audience feelings.

Just like you have to be unique, you should also provide authentic information to build your credibility. It helps you to gain the trust of people and to go viral for the right reasons.

As it is mentioned above, your marketing campaign has to be the right combination of humor, emotions, and relevance to drive people towards conversion. This part has to be genuine and to provoke actionable responses from people.

It is better to test ideas before execution, so discuss everything with your team to shape your strategies. It includes how you will approach the people in your target demographic and address their concerns.

Having this type of information provides you an opportunity to transform your ideas into a high-performing campaign.

Utilize your PR

Making marketing campaigns viral is not just about creating them perfectly. It requires extra effort to amplify your message via different resources.

You should let every relevant person know in your contacts list about the campaign. In short, you have to make the best use of your PR to maximize results in your favor.

If you have good contacts in media outlets then you should let them know in the first place.

When you are doing something as a brand, you will automatically grab the attention of news organizations as they are always willing to focus on anything newsworthy.

An effective way to show that your campaign is worthy of news to media outlets is to show the response of millions of people to your campaign.

You may need a press release while approaching media outlets to support your claim with relevant and accurate figures. 

If you consider viral marketing strategy examples, you will come to know the significance of digital marketing PR and how brands fuel their campaign's visibility by it.

Final Words

Making marketing campaigns viral is a big challenge that you need to overcome by understanding your audience preferences, issues, and the latest trends. Then you need to create compelling content that drives customers to take action, leading towards better profitability and growth for your business.

You cannot create a results-driven marketing campaign unless you are not understanding the needs of your potential customers. It is just like going into the battlefield without having an idea of the enemy's strengths and weaknesses. So, you need to have the right weapons in your arsenal to win this marketing battle. Hopefully, this article will provide you valuable insight on how viral marketing works and how you can create one.

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