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Optimizing the blog post to improve search engine ranking-Step-by-Step Guide

Optimizing the blog post to improve search engine ranking-Step-by-Step Guide

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If you are a blogger like me then there are many things to focus on, and optimization is the primary thing to understand. Optimization is not something you think, and it happens.

Many people may get confused over what is optimization is in actuality? We have a simple concept to make them clear about the optimization.

What is the term "optimization"?

Optimization refers to make something more practical and beautiful. Optimization can be done very carefully by keeping all the minimal things in mind.

Some people ignore optimization but keep in mind that it is imperative, especially when discussing the digital world.

As we all know, the digital world is somehow fictitious, and you are not physically there to prove yourself to your audience so, you need optimization.

Here we have a basic example, and if you want to get viewers to read your content, you need to give them an impression that encourages them to study thoroughly.

But it is not that easy, and you must be clear about the minimal and impactful things.

What is content optimization?

As we mentioned above, there can be many types of optimizations, but we explicitly discuss blog posts, and we know that content is essential in a blog post.

Optimization of the content is essential, but first of all, you need to be clear about what is content optimization in actuality.

Content optimization is a term used to make content more readable and easier to understand.

You'll surely get positive results on your blog posts when your words are readable, but giving authentic information is also needed.

Some people think optimization is the only thing, but it is not valid; uniqueness is also significant.

Why is content optimization being important in SEO?

You are writing your content for your audience, but what will you do when the audience does not reach your content?

In this scenario, we need content optimization because it makes the content easily approachable to the internet audience.

It is not wrong to say that without optimization, you'll never get ranked on SERP.

SERP stands for search engine results page, and you need to rank on these search pages so, content optimization is the only way.

Generating backlinks is an efficient approach in search engine optimization, and you can quickly create backlinks with high-quality content.

How do I optimize my SEO content?

It would help if you were practical when you optimize your content and keep in mind that every single factor plays a vital role in your ranking.

Sometimes, we ignore minimal things without getting known of their importance so, that's not the right thing, and it may create difficulties for us.

The best way to be good in content optimization is to follow some steps, and we are going to discuss them in detail.

1. Research optimal keywords

Keywords are something important in search engine optimization.

Optimal keywords can drive quality traffic to your blog, and it can only be possible when you target the right keywords.

But the question is how can we target the right keywords, and how can we know that this keyword is correct or not?

We have many tools available on the internet that can help you find optimal keywords that can surely drive traffic to your blog.

But things are not over here, and there are many more things to focus on so, let's have a look.

2. Use keywords naturally and strategically

It is pretty clear that when you are going to make yourself better, you need a strategy, and it is also vital for content optimization.

Keywords must not be stuffed in the content because Google and the audience too dislike it.

The easiest way to adjust keywords is to make a strategy that can specify keywords' density and focus on density is very important.

So, it would help if you avoid keyword stuffing, which is not something hard to follow.

3. Optimal title tags

The title is general information that defines what a viewer will read in this blog, so optimizing title tags is very important.

Like keywords, you need to make optimal title tags, which is why it is added to the to-do list of content optimization.

But how can we generate optimal title tags?

We can get help from other blog posts like the blogs are already ranking; you can also use those title tags.

Or you can generate by yourself just by taking some idea from the other blog posts. It's totally up to you.

4. Include relevant keywords in the URL

When we search for something, we focus on the URL, so the URL is not so stuffed, and the keywords must be included in it.

Many minimal things substantially impact search engine optimization, and URL optimization is included in it.

You can use online tools to retrieve keywords that can be adjusted in the URL.

5. Optimize your images

Images are the most attractive part of a blog post; you must choose the best ones.

According to research, if you are using optimal and relevant images, it can surely get the reader's attention.

But your pictures must be compressed and not so heavy that they can take much time to load.

A viewer can stay only 7-8 seconds on a website when it is loading so, try to use light and compressed images on your blog posts.

There are many websites available on the internet, so you can quickly get pictures from there.

6. Write compelling Meta descriptions

Meta descriptions are used to specify the Google about what we are going to discuss in our article.

If you have a clear and robust meta description, you can easily rank on SERPs, but you should follow some steps as well.

Your meta description is not more than 150 characters, and you must use keywords in it, but the keywords should be relevant.

The meta description can quickly increase your website's click rate, so try to write a straight and strong narrative.

7. Internal linking

Some factors can increase your worth, and internal linking is one of them. 

You can adjust the link of your live content in the latest blog post, and it can be informative and valuable to use your links in your content.

The good thing is, you can also drive traffic to your other posts related to the latest posts so, internal linking can be a good option.

8. Link to relative high authority sites

Undoubtedly, internal linking is essential, but you need to use some high-quality external links, but the links must be of high authority sites.

You can easily approach high authority sites on the internet, but some people may confuse about how to check the authority of a site?

We have an option of various tools available on the internet like; the widespread and most known tool is Moz; you can check the domain authority of any website using this tool.

And there are many more options other than Moz, like Prepostseo and many other authentic platforms.

What are content optimization tools?

As we mentioned many times above about the optimization tools, we will give the details of these tools.

The good thing is, these tools are mostly free and easily accessible so, that's an advantage for many people.

Let's get started.

1. Heading analyzer

The heading analyzer is one of the most valuable tools and is also termed a headline analyzer.

To make your content the best, you need to analyze everything related to your blog post, and we all know that headings are the first impressions.

Headline analyzers check the readability score and highlight the effectiveness of a heading. It also predicts that how well your title will go.

When we type heading analyzer, Google retrieves a list of hundreds of tools, and you can use any of them because the working of all the tools is almost the same.

2. Grammar checker

Some mistakes are not meant to be ignored, and grammar mistakes are one of them, but it is apparent that it is a hectic job to check these mistakes manually.

So, we have many options like Prepostseo and Grammarly as well.

These two tools are the top-notch tools when it comes to grammar checking tools. We have many options and features available in this tool.

You can quickly check readability score, delivery score, correctness, and many more things. 

3. Keyword density checker

We discussed the importance of keywords and their density to check them by using automated tools.

You need to target a keyword and search it on the keyword density checker, and you can get your results with a single click.

We cannot find any tool as perfect, so you can use any tool that is easily accessible and has a user-friendly interface.

4. Plagiarism checker

To get an optimized blog, it is necessary to write unique content that can help to get rankings on Google.

Try to avoid duplicated lines that are already used on any other website. Before publishing the blog, use a plagiarism checker to check the copied text in it.

These tools can help to detect duplicated data that you can remove from there and make your blog new.

5. Google search console

Google search console helps you to measure your site's performance and traffic.

It can easily show your website's organic traffic, and it is not limited to check traffic only, but it also helps fix many more problems.

You don't need any technical knowledge to use this tool because the interface is straightforward to use.

By reading this guide, it is evident that these tools are essential and valuable.

6. Summary generator

Sometimes, it is difficult to read lengthy content, so we need to generate a summary and it can be an annoying job while you do it by yourself.

While generating a summary, you need to focus on the central theme of the content, and preservation of the theme can only be possible by using the online summarizing tool.

We have many tools available on the internet that can generate a summary keeping the originality and central idea in focus.

Bottom line

The easiest and quickest way to rank on Google is optimization, and when we are explicitly talking about the blogging site, we badly need to optimize our content.

Different factors are affecting the optimization, and focus on each aspect is very important.

We have shared all the essential factors that play a vital role in search engine optimization and your ranking so you can have a look at them.

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