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Benefits of Website Maintenance

Benefits of Website Maintenance

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There is a perception among business owners that once they have built a website they have done their job. In fact, real work starts after a website is created. It requires regular maintenance such as continuous update of relevant content in order to grow your site visitors.

A website is the most powerful tool that drives the success of your business. If you already have a website you will surely understand the importance of website maintenance. As you are reading this blog we would like to explain some great benefits of website maintenance to which you consider as ''NOT IMPORTANT'' but do focus on why do companies hire these services?

If you had a website before, you have definitely (Yes, a very Strong word!) experienced these things:

  • Website Slowness 
  • Website Spamming
  • Email Spamming
  • Red Screens on Google
  • Your customers getting spammed emails
  • website blocked by hosting due to vulnerable items on your website.

These companies hire maintenance services to eliminate these problems to happen in the first place. One of the main reason is brand reputation on stake. Paying a few bucks each month will solve all these issues.

Do Websites Need Maintenance?

Yes Absolutely! No website on earth is safe from Hackers. Companies or individuals running websites face these problems over time when they find a good spot in SERP (SEARCH ENGINE RESULT PAGE). If you have never got into these issues then this is major because you are not popular on SERP or you have invested in great CMS Solutions for managing your website on your own. 

Another reason, why you need maintenance services is because the cost of making a website and the effort you put into the website while developing your website is not worth if your website gets compromised by hackers and starts all over from zero.

I am intensely speaking about the cost because it does not cost you more than USD 30 per month for maintaining a simple website. A website with more pages and more services will cost you more but it is still worth it. 

We do have a solution for securing your website at the same price mentioned above while you get your website developed by us, but at the moment you are here to understand the benefit of website maintenance, so let's begin.

In the recent past, hackers’ networks have grown on a large scale. They understand every open-source website available in the market especially the popular ones like WordPress website are more vulnerable to being hacked. Companies I know use WordPress but they use custom-built plugins for their client. Of course, it will cost you a lot but I am not sure why they just do not take a custom CMS at the same price. This is major because they do not have the knowledge and this blog is for you to understand the importance of choosing the right company for your website development.

If you are still not satisfied with the reason for having website maintenance and its benefits so I feel I am unable to satisfy you enough for making this decision. Now I am going to show you how much you can save by paying a little on Web Maintenance costs. This is for you reading this article getting the most out of the importance of website maintenance can definitely save your money. I have created this topic especially for you.

Website Maintenance Cost

Regular maintenance of a website reduces the chances that something severe will happen. There is a Maintenance Cost for it but if you look into the brighter side this cost is much lower than maintaining your website by yourself.

For example, a good simple website can cost you USD 500 - 1000. So let’s imagine, won’t you take maintenance services or manage your website by yourself. Over here, I am trying to be very positive of you being lucky that your website sustains for two years. But if suddenly your website starts giving you major problems then you will be in a serious situation where you can't even go back and now you have to invest USD 500 - 1000 again to get a new website. So in 2 years, your Website Design cost will be USD 2000. 

Now, let us see maintaining your website from a top web maintenance company and you have selected the minimum package for USD 30 for updates, backup, and securing your website. This will cost you USD 360 a year and USD 720 for 2 years.  You will still be able to save 280 USD which is not too much but the time, effort and marketing effort put together actually saves you 1000 dollars.

Save Time for Your Business

Website maintenance needs time. Mostly, business owners have to deal with different business affairs, so they don’t get much time to maintain a website on their own. If you are not an IT expert, you’ll probably spend more time as compared to someone who can do it in a fraction of time.

By getting the services of the best website maintenance company, you can save valuable time focusing on your core business affairs.

Grow Your Website Traffic

Algorithms of search engines get updated frequently, therefore, the competitive scenario is never constant. Maintenance of content on a regular basis and the latest SEO practices play a key role to enhance your website traffic. This will cost you around USD 300 per month but it will also give you a good ROI over time. So again paying USD 300 per month that including SEO, Website Updates, Content updates, Blogs, and articles is a very good price for a simple website. For Ecommerce Website Maintenance all these services will cost more because of more pages and products and content updates. There is content that needs to be updated regularly and can cost you USD 500 - 1000.

A company that you outsource keeps a track of your website’s progress by maintaining security updates, content, and design. All these elements are essential in growing your customer traffic.

Keeping Your Customers Engaged

Website management services allow you to increase your customer engagement by staying on high of the latest technologies. Social plugins, forum platforms, and live chat options create a positive impact on your overall customer engagement.

So, securing your website is essential for your website in the perspective of security, content, and backups as it will help to save you from a lot of hassles. If you do have any questions, feel free to contact us, we would love to give you free advice and consultancy.

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Benefits of Website Maintenance


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