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The Correlation Between Mobile Page Speed and Search Rankings

The Correlation Between Mobile Page Speed and Search Rankings

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"Improved websites on Google tend to load faster and have a better mobile experience," according to new research by Searchmetrics that used Google Lighthouse's open-source tool to find code on open source websites.

And high-end servers are designed to use the most modern internet technologies as the subsequent generation process processing. The new, fast HTTP / 2 real-time internet and WooCommerce rich snippets contribute to the ranking factors.

The study also suggests that many websites that appear at the top of the survey results are insufficient to make their topics accessible to people with special needs, especially people with disabilities, despite complaints that organizations have complained about non-compliance with the required instructions.

Google recently announced that since July, page loading speed is the standard of mobile search. This has been suspected by many SEOs for a while now, but we're glad it's confirmed now because Google has also started offering a mobile index to prioritize mobile.

Page speed is essential for the user experience. Pages that take longer to load have a higher frame rate. Slow page loading can also affect your conversion rate, as users wait with interest to load pages.

But Why Else Should You Care?

As Google introduces mobile indexing and uses a first-person approach to highlight the main problem with mobile phones, I think page speed may be an average index rather than a pure signaling ring-like HTTP.

If you give users good things and user experiences, and they find what they're looking for, and something that compares to their expectations on any device and situation, and offer value - why not? Ai?

Here are seven things you can consider regarding the page speed of your site.

1. Provide a Great Content Experience

Be prepared for mobile index, make sure you offer the right content, and find quality content that satisfies potential customers. You can buy in turn. He is divided. You must have content that benefits all levels of passengers.

2. Make Your Site Super Fast

Make sure your pages load quickly, preferably within one to two seconds. People don't sit back and wait for your page to load to find an answer to their problem or find what they're looking for. There are (more than) nine other websites trying to get this click, so your website needs to load as fast as possible to stay competitive.

3. Compress Your Images

The main reasons are dead leaves and the low position of many images. When I installed it on my website, I experienced high speed—one of the best ways to improve the appearance of your platform. With simple simplifiers, you can save an average of 50 percent or more on large images.

4. Use Browser Caching

Saving the survey "remembers" previously loaded items, so you don't need to visit them all the time. When an online visitor comes to a new page on your website, you don't need to reload all of your information, such as signatures and foundations. This will result in higher speeds when people visit your website.

5. Minify Your HTML

Reducing the confusion of HTML code is another important aspect of gaining the total rank of Google. Minimization is the process of removing or correcting unwanted or duplicate content without affecting how the researcher parses the HTML. This includes updating the code, sorting it, removing the invalid code, and shortening the code if possible.

6. Implement AMP

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. This is a project from Google that helps you to load mobile pages faster. It works by building an open-source foundation that removes a lot of useless stuff, making your mobile page load almost impossible. It gives users a portable light without the cluttered features that aren't useful in mobile phones.

7. Have a Strong Call to Action

While this is slightly different from SEO, you also need to make sure that you show users a strong call when they come to your site. If you plan to download a brochure or do something else when it reaches your landing page, make sure the user receives the CTA quickly.


Improving website speed is essential for best ranking conditions. PageSpeed Insights offer excellent and potentially customizable examples to prioritize their impact on the rate of your website.

Although the result itself should not bother you too much, it is recommended to try to reach 50 or more. First, however, focus on download times, which are measured in seconds. A good site should load in about 3 seconds. Then, of course, it needs to load very fast, at a speed of about 1.

A good, clean and tidy service will help you get the most out of your website. If small websites benefit significantly from the distribution of packages, then if you are a large company, it is recommended that you host your website on the regular Tower service. By giving businesses the ability to manage and maintain their websites, a private service will provide flexibility and reliability when they need it most.

As mentioned, with the advent of mobile devices and the speed of Google becoming the cause of mobile, it's time to start cautiously. This should help improve your user experience, increase conversions, keep users on your site, and drive more traffic.

What is your PageSpeed Stats score? Did you see higher rankings after increasing the speed of your website? Please share your experience with us in the comments section below!

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