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Converting Your Social Media Followers into Clients and Sales

Converting Your Social Media Followers into Clients and Sales

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Selena Gomez reportedly charges $800K for a single sponsored post on Instagram. With 170 million followers on the platform, it’s easy to see why. Yet, no matter your company’s scale, there are proven ways to convert your followers into clients and your clients into sales.

The secret is understanding your brand and how social media magnifies its messages. If you want to build your brand in today’s era, then you cannot ignore the importance of getting services from a digital marketing agency, which includes SEO, email marketing, branded SMS, and social media is one of its major pillars.

Here’s how to transform your followers and increase your followers' follower growth.

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Be Active

No matter your preferred platform, you need to post regularly. Your followers crave scintillating content that is dynamic and informative. Be aware of how each platform can serve your company’s needs while enticing your followers to become buyers. A law office might tweet short sentences about recent successes, while a hair salon could post pictures on Instagram highlighting a trend. Happy customers are always a great source of material. Ideally, you’ll have one staffer dedicated to your social media –– you don’t want to dilute your message. Take a lesson from some top companies that get outsized media attention for their creative, humorous posts. Wendy’s use of Twitter reflects its company culture while being both engaging and “sassy.” Delegating content creation to a trusted subordinate or a full-service digital marketing agency is fine if you remain involved.

Provide Added Value

Everyone loves gifts. Your gift to potential clients is helpful, informative content. Post a blog on LinkedIn about innovative developments in your field. Upload a TikTok of your top salesperson demonstrating an unexpected use for your product—ideally set to upbeat or silly music. Promote your brand by providing a service to your followers.

Know Your Target

Understand each platform. Although platforms provide demographic breakdowns of your followers, you must know which suits your customer base best. If most of your buyers are younger, you may not find them on Facebook. Having a presence on Snapchat is less helpful if you cater to seniors. Pinterest skews females. You may do social media follower analysis according to your preferences.

By recognizing each platform’s merits, you’ll not only know which ones deserve your focus, but you’ll be better equipped to tailor your content to each one.

Customer Service

Be helpful. Reach out to commenters and answer your direct messages. People who spend time writing have real value and the potential to be clients. Turning social media communication into a two-way street is one of the best ways to convert followers into clients –– even if you aren’t a platinum-selling pop star. Hopefully, it will give you an idea of converting social media into sales.

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Converting Your Social Media Followers into Clients and Sales

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